Vol­vo XC40 re­cei­ves fi­ve-star ra­ting

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Vol­vo Cars’ XC40 re­cei­ved fi­ve stars and top ra­tings in the 2018 Eu­ro NCAP tes­ts. This me­ans the XC40 joins its lar­ger si­blings in the 60 and 90 se­ries as one of the sa­fest cars in the wor­ld.

The 2018 Eu­ro NCAP tes­ting was the toug­hest e­ver, with new and mo­re de­man­ding chal­len­ges on sa­fe­ty techno­lo­gy, in­clu­ding cy­clist-de­tecti­on with au­to-bra­ke and e­mer­gen­cy la­ne keeping sy­s­tems.

O­ver­all, the new XC40 re­cei­ved the hig­hest sa­fe­ty sco­re a­mong all cars tes­ted un­der the new and mo­re strin­gent e­va­lu­a­ti­on sy­stem.

“The new XC40 is one of the sa­fest cars on the mar­ket,” said Ma­lin Ek­holm, he­ad of Vol­vo Cars Sa­fe­ty Cen­t­re. “It co­mes stan­dard with the most com­pre­hen­si­ve of­fe­ring of sa­fe­ty techno­lo­gy of any small SUV, hel­ping dri­vers de­tect and a­void col­li­si­ons, re­main sa­fely in their la­ne and re­du­ce the im­pact of ac­ci­den­tal­ly run­ning off the ro­ad.”

All tes­ted Vol­vo cars on sa­le to­day ha­ve re­cei­ved fi­ve stars in their re­specti­ve Eu­ro NCAP as­ses­sments. Last y­e­ar, the XC60 was cro­w­ned the o­ver­all be­st-per­for­ming lar­ge off-ro­a­der and the be­st o­ver­all per­for­mer in the pres­ti­gi­ous Eu­ro NCAP 2017 Be­st in Class sa­fe­ty a­wards. The XC90 re­cei­ved the sa­me ac­co­la­de in 2015.

In March, the XC40 was na­med 2018 Eu­ro­pe­an Car of the Y­e­ar, the first Vol­vo to win the pres­ti­gi­ous a­ward. The com­pa­ny an­noun­ced in May that it would ex­pand pro­ducti­on in its ma­nu­fac­tu­ring fa­ci­li­ties in both Eu­ro­pe and C­hi­na to meet the o­ver­w­hel­ming de­mand for the be­st-sel­ling car.

Vol­vo XC40, one of the sa­fest cars on the mar­ket.

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