Ford’s ‘Po­ny Car’ le­aps ma­jor mi­les­to­ne

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Ford and its em­ploy­ees re­cent­ly ce­le­bra­ted the one-mil­li­onth Mus­tang’s pro­ducti­on - p­roof that the muscu­lar P” ony” still has a lot of li­fe. T­his beau­ty flir­ting with so­me re­al horses in Sir Lo­wry’s Vil­la­ge ne­ar Ca­pe To­wn be­longs to Ke­vin Tay­lor, who al­so kind­ly pro­vi­ded the pho­to.

The Ford Mus­tang is tru­ly a cul­tu­ral i­con in­spi­ring op­ti­mism, free­dom and in­de­pen­den­ce, which was re­cent­ly ce­le­bra­ted with the pro­ducti­on of its 10-mil­li­onth car at the Flat Rock as­sem­bly plant in Mi­chi­gan.

Ford Mus­tang is the be­st-sel­ling sports car of the last 50 y­e­ars, has fe­a­tu­red in mo­re mo­vies and has mo­re Fa­ce­book fol­lo­wers than any ot­her car in the wor­ld. T­he­re are cars mo­re po­wer­ful, fas­ter and mo­re sleek or luxu­ri­ous, but the Mus­tang is a he­ad tur­ner.

So it has co­me as no sur­pri­se that the re­launch of the vehi­cle in 2015 took the US and the rest of the wor­ld by storm. Ford sim­ply can’t build e­nough for the de­mand. T­his led to a de­ci­si­on to pha­se out all ot­her Ford car mo­dels for the US mar­ket and build on­ly the Mus­tang and sports u­ti­li­ty vehi­cles (SUVs) in fu­tu­re. A bra­ve de­ci­si­on that may pro­ve very pro­fi­ta­ble. The 10-mil­li­onth Mus­tang is a high-tech, 343kW muscle car in its sixth ge­ne­ra­ti­on. It ap­pears in Wim­ble­don W­hi­te with a GT V8 six-speed con­ver­ti­ble sa­lu­ting VIN 001 - the first se­ri­a­li­sed 1964 Ford Mus­tang that fe­a­tu­red a 122kW, three-speed V8 en­gi­ne.

Mo­re than 60 Ford Mus­tang o­w­ners of all mo­del y­e­ars as­sem­bled for a tri­bu­te to the 10-mil­li­onth “Po­ny Car” by spel­ling out the mi­les­to­ne with their cars, fol­lo­wed by a P-51 Mus­tang fig­h­ter pla­ne flyo­ver to ce­le­bra­te its na­me­sa­ke.

“Mus­tang is the he­art and soul of t­his com­pa­ny and a fa­vou­ri­te a­round the wor­ld,” said Jim Far­ley, pre­si­dent of glo­bal mar­kets, Ford Mo­tor Com­pa­ny. “I get the sa­me thrill seeing a Mus­tang roll do­wn a street in De­troit, Lon­don or Bei­jing that I felt w­hen I boug­ht my first car - a 1966 Mus­tang cou­pé that I dro­ve a­cross the coun­try as a teen­a­ger. Mus­tang is a smi­le-ma­ker in any lan­gua­ge.”

Ford mar­ked the mi­les­to­ne with em­ploy­ee ce­le­bra­ti­ons at its De­ar­born he­ad­quar­ters and its Flat Rock as­sem­bly plant, in­clu­ding flyo­vers from three WW II-era P-51 Mus­tang fig­h­ter pla­nes and Mus­tangs pro­du­ced for mo­re than fi­ve de­ca­des pa­ra­ding from De­ar­born to Flat Rock, w­he­re Mus­tang cur­rent­ly is ma­nu­fac­tu­red.

Du­ring its 54-y­e­ar pro­ducti­on his­to­ry, the car was al­so built in San Jo­se, Ca­li­for­nia, Me­tu­chen in New Jer­sey and the o­ri­gi­nal Mus­tang pro­ducti­on fa­ci­li­ty in De­ar­born, Mi­chi­gan.

Mus­tang is A­me­ri­ca’s be­st-sel­ling sports car o­ver the last 50 y­e­ars, ba­sed on a Ford a­na­ly­sis of 1966 to 2018 to­tal US new vehi­cle cu­mu­la­ti­ve re­gis­tra­ti­ons for all sports car seg­ments sup­p­lied by IHS Mar­kit.

The la­test Ford Mus­tang of­fers mo­re techno­lo­gy, exhi­la­ra­ting per­for­man­ce and mo­re per­so­na­li­sa­ti­on than be­fo­re.

The i­co­nic Mus­tang Bul­litt re­turns for the 2019 mo­del y­e­ar, with an ex­clu­si­ve 4 358kW 5,0-lit­re V8 en­gi­ne, plus dis­tincti­ve de­sign and trim. The clas­sic Ca­li­for­nia S­pe­ci­al al­so re­turns with u­ni­que de­sign and trim en­han­ce­ments.

All 5,0-lit­re V8 2019 Mus­tangs with ma­nu­al trans­mis­si­ons of­fer rev-ma­t­ching do­wns­hifts to the six-speed Mus­tang GT, whi­le the E­coBoost en­gi­ne ver­si­on gets an op­ti­o­nal quad-tip ful­ly acti­ve exhaust. The car co­mes with an all new cu­s­tom-tu­ned B&O high-per­for­man­ce sound sy­stem. The a­vai­la­ble Ap­ple CarPlayT com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty for Ford+ A­lexa and Wa­ze via SYNC 3 will furt­her sa­tisfy au­di­ophi­les.

The Ford Mus­tang is now in its sixth ge­ne­ra­ti­on. In ad­di­ti­on to its sa­les le­a­ders­hip, the Mus­tang pa­ge has mo­re li­kes on Fa­ce­book than any ot­her vehi­cle na­me­pla­te.


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