Motoring tip of the week: tem­po­ra­ry ro­ad signs

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Tem­po­ra­ry ro­ad signs with a y­el­low back­ground are so­meti­mes con­fu­singly pla­ced or not cor­rect­ly u­sed by aut­ho­ri­ties, for ex­am­ple w­hen a “keep rig­ht” or “keep left” sign is u­sed inste­ad of a “ro­ad nar­rows” sign.

T­his of­ten le­ads mo­to­ris­ts to ask w­het­her tem­po­ra­ry ro­ad signs are me­re­ly ad­vis­o­ry war­nings.

The ans­wer is no. A tem­po­ra­ry ro­ad sign is as va­lid as a per­ma­nent ro­ad sign and should be o­bey­ed.

If you no­ti­ce tem­po­ra­ry ro­ad signs which ha­ve been in­cor­rect­ly pla­ced or u­sed, no­ti­fy the re­le­vant ro­ads aut­ho­ri­ty for the a­rea so that the si­tu­a­ti­on can be recti­fied be­fo­re the in­cor­rect sig­na­ge re­sults in a crash.

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