A vir­tu­al re­a­li­ty cre­a­ti­on

Out of Ca­li­for­nia, al­ways so­mething in­cre­di­ble. This beau­ty was con­vei­ved by Ca­li­for­nia-ba­sed com­pa­ny Hackrod: the wor­ld’s first VR-de­sig­ned, AI-en­gi­nee­red and 3D-prin­ted e­lec­tric car.

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La Ban­di­ta from Hackrod and Sie­mens was born with a Fran­ken­stein back­ground, but inste­ad tur­ned out to be S­now W­hi­te - beau­ti­ful to look at and vir­tu­al­ly no pol­lu­ting strain on the en­vi­ron­ment. Con­cei­ved in Vir­tu­al Re­a­li­ty (VR), this si­nu­ous car was then cre­a­ted through 3D-prin­ting to push the boun­da­ries of how a car can be ma­de. This may well be a glimp­se of the fu­tu­re and so­me of the furt­her ex­ci­ting de­ve­lop­ments in sto­re.

La Ban­di­ta is the brai­n­child of Ca­li­for­ni­a­ba­sed com­pa­ny Hackrod and this stun­ning beau­ty is the wor­ld’s first VR-de­sig­ned, AI-en­gi­nee­red and 3D-prin­ted e­lec­tric car. Hackrod col­la­bo­ra­ted with Sie­mens PLM Soft­wa­re to bring the speed­ster to li­fe.

This in­no­va­ti­ve con­cept will po­ten­ti­al­ly al­low the cu­s­to­mer to ul­ti­ma­te­ly be­co­me in­vol­ved in the de­sig­ning pro­cess to cre­a­te cu­s­to­mi­sed vehi­cles t­hat look a­we­so­me and per­form beau­ti­ful­ly.

The pro­ject em­ploy­ed so­me sta­te-of-the-art techno­lo­gy and ground­b­re­a­king fe­a­tu­res. A­part from the Sie­mens soft­wa­re, the com­pa­ny will al­so use vir­tu­al re­a­li­ty for the de­sign sta­ge and ma­chi­ne le­ar­ning to e­na­ble the con­stant im­pro­vement of the en­gi­neer­ing sy­s­tems.

Fi­nal­ly, the in­dus­tri­al gra­de 3D-prin­ting sta­ge will al­low the com­pa­ny to pro­du­ce op­ti­mi­sed har­dwa­re. The bo­dy and the cock­pit will ta­ke s­ha­pe in VR, whi­le the lig­ht­weig­ht chas­sis will fe­a­tu­re a­e­ro­spa­ce gra­de a­lu­mi­ni­um al­loy.

De­sig­ned in part by their fu­tu­re o­w­ners, the cars will ha­ve cu­s­tom de­tails to ma­ke them tru­ly one of a kind. Cur­rent­ly, Hackrod is wor­king on the first pro­toty­pe to pro­ve the ef­fi­cien­cy of the con­cept.

The next step in­clu­des au­to­ma­ting key tas­ks be­fo­re brin­ging the 3D-prin­ted e­lec­tric car clo­ser to re­a­li­ty.

(Sour­ces: Hackrod, New At­las)

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