D­ri­ving in a com­fort zo­ne

The ef­fi­cient, up-to-da­te d­ri­ving cock­pit of the new Peu­ge­ot 3008 will ta­ke sur­pri­ses and gues­s­work out of d­ri­ving. Re­ad mo­re a­bout the up­gra­ded li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on

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Peu­ge­ot is in­tro­du­cing a new li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve 96kW THP six speed ma­nu­al to the al­re­a­dy im­pres­si­ve 3008 SUV ran­ge.

The li­mi­ted e­di­ti­on will be of­fe­red ex­clu­si­ve­ly on the Peu­ge­ot 3008 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve, which will dis­play a "Li­mi­ted E­di­ti­on" bad­ge.

The 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve of­fers the be­st of both wor­lds with out­stan­ding en­gi­ne ef­fi­cien­cy and spor­ty sty­ling. It brings ad­van­ced techno­lo­gy, a u­ni­que d­ri­ving ex­pe­rien­ce, an im­pres­si­ve in­te­ri­or as well as in­cre­a­sed pas­sen­ger and lug­ga­ge spa­ce for a re­a­so­na­ble R369 900, ma­king it one of the most com­pe­ti­ti­ve SUVs in its seg­ment. In keeping with the 3008 SUV ran­ge, the 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve Li­mi­ted E­di­ti­on of­fers ex­tre­me­ly ge­ne­rous spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on le­vels.

In­clu­ded are 17" w­heels, re­ar par­king sen­sors, au­to­ma­tic e­mer­gen­cy bra­king and du­al zo­ne cli­ma­te con­t­rol. Su­pe­ri­or qua­li­ty ma­te­ri­als sur­round a clas­sy mo­dern in­te­ri­or la­yout with lots of high-tech cle­an li­nes and pre­mi­um tou­ches.


The in­no­va­ti­ve new i-Cock­pit in­clu­des a mul­ti-functi­on s­teer­ing w­heel and a 12,3" di­gi­tal in­stru­ment clus­ter. The 8" co­lour tou­chscreen dis­play with car con­necti­vi­ty through Ap­ple CarPlay, An­droid Au­to and Blu­e­tooth al­lows u­sing a smartp­ho­ne to get di­recti­ons on the mo­ve.

T­he­re are al­so sty­lish pi­a­no key-ty­pe tog­gles to con­t­rol the dis­play to access the cor­rect functi­on on the tou­chscreen with the press of a sin­gle but­ton.

The 3008 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve has an o­ver­all fee­ling of spa­ce. The ex­ten­ded w­heel­ba­se im­pro­ves on le­g­room and the rai­sed ri­de heig­ht me­ans mo­re he­a­droom for all.

The boot will swal­low 591 lit­res with the re­ar se­ats up and 1 670 lit­res w­hen the se­ats are fol­ded flat.

The Acti­ve gets a han­dy fold-flat front pas­sen­ger se­at and with 60/40 split re­ar se­ats and a boot floor that can be rai­sed and lo­we­red, it has e­nough spa­ce for e­very oc­ca­si­on.


The 3008 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve is al­so green­er and mo­re fu­el ef­fi­cient than e­ver be­fo­re. Peu­ge­ot tells us the three-cy­lin­der en­gi­ne is pun­chy with mo­re than e­nough tor­que to get up to speed wit­hout la­bou­ring. Lin­ked to a six-speed ma­nu­al ge­ar­box, the 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve has ef­fort­less ra­ti­os that al­low for re­laxed crui­sing. It is e­a­sy to dri­ve a­round town.

The vehi­cle is im­pres­si­ve­ly qui­et and ci­vi­li­sed on the o­pen ro­ad.

Peu­ge­ot's tra­de­mark spor­ty s­teer­ing w­heel is lig­ht and pre­ci­se, ni­ce­ly weig­h­ted and e­a­si­ly ma­noeu­vra­ble. The 1 270kg kerb weig­ht me­ans you should ex­pe­rien­ce ex­cel­lent fu­el e­co­nomy too.


S­tan­dard sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res on the 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve in­clu­de: six ai­r­bags, ABS with EBD, e­mer­gen­cy bra­ke as­sist, tracti­on con­t­rol, dy­n­a­mic sta­bi­li­ty con­t­rol and e­lec­tro­nic sta­bi­li­ty pro­gram­mes.

Ot­her ad­van­ced sy­s­tems are: ro­ad sign de­tecti­on, dri­ver at­ten­ti­on a­lert, la­ne de­par­tu­re war­ning, dri­ver at­ten­ti­on fa­ti­gue war­ning and I­SO­FIX child se­at mounts - all as s­tan­dard.

Com­fort and con­ve­nien­ce fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de crui­se con­t­rol and hill as­sist.

The Li­mi­ted E­di­ti­on 3008 1,2-lit­re Acti­ve of­fers a mo­re af­for­da­ble and e­co­no­mi­cal op­ti­on, wit­hout com­pro­mi­sing on the qua­li­ty and spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons the rest of the ran­ge has to of­fer.


The Peu­ge­ot 3008 1,2 lit­re Acti­ve spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons at a glan­ce:

■ En­gi­ne: 1,2-lit­re, three cy­lin­der tur­bo-char­ged pe­trol

■ Trans­mis­si­on: six-speed ma­nu­al

■ Po­wer: 96kW, max­i­mum tor­que: 230Nm

■ Top speed: 188km

■ Pu­blis­hed fu­el e­co­nomy fi­gu­re: 5,5 on the com­bi­ned cy­cle

■ E­mis­si­ons: 124g/km CO².

The pri­ce is R369 900 and in­clu­des a war­ran­ty of three y­e­ars or 100 000km, plus a ser­vi­ce plan of four y­e­ars or 60 000km.

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