Toug­her, bol­der Dus­ter kicks up

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Me­dia re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ves we­re gi­ven a pre­view of the new Re­nault Dus­ter which will be a­vai­la­ble coun­try­wi­de from Oc­to­ber. Au­to­de­a­ler joi­ned the ent­hu­si­as­tic throng at the re­cent Fe­s­ti­val of Mo­to­ring at Ky­a­la­mi w­he­re ma­nu­fac­tu­rers let us know w­hat to ex­pect in the last quar­ter of this y­e­ar.

It was e­vi­dent to e­ver­yo­ne pre­sent that the al­l­new Re­nault Dus­ter builds on the cur­rent mo­del's strengt­hs and that the cha­rac­ter of the bold SUV re­mains un­chan­ged.

Jud­ging by ap­pea­ran­ce, it is still an ex­tre­me­ly ca­pa­ble SUV, which is tough, sim­ple and re­li­a­ble. With mo­re than two mil­li­on of the­se sold glo­bal­ly to da­te, the Dus­ter re­mains en­tren­ched as one of the out­stan­ding mo­dels in the Re­nault ran­ge.

The new Re­nault Dus­ter has a com­ple­te­ly fresh, as­ser­ti­ve ex­te­ri­or sty­le wand a ro­bust look, high­lig­hting its SUV pe­digree. Alt­hough it ap­pears vi­su­al­ly mo­re muscu­lar, the Dus­ter fe­a­tu­res the sa­me com­pact di­men­si­ons as be­fo­re and the sub­t­le de­sign ap­pe­al of a Eu­ro­pe­an vehi­cle in­si­de and out.

The new Dus­ter will al­so be no­ti­ced on the ro­ad thanks to its ex­pres­si­ve so­lid looks front and re­ar, heig­h­te­ning the im­pres­si­on of sta­bi­li­ty.

The rug­ged ro­ad stan­ce is emp­ha­si­sed by bold, ho­ri­zon­tal de­sign li­nes and new 17" w­heels, en­su­ring a mo­re as­ser­ti­ve pro­fi­le.

The new a­lu­mi­ni­um roof bars are mo­re pro­mi­nent, w­hi­le the front and re­ar skid pla­tes sup­port its wil­ling­ness to go ad­ven­tu­ring on the ro­ad less tra­vel­led.

The new Re­nault Dus­ter now has e­ven bet­ter off-ro­ad ca­pa­bi­li­ties, thanks to its en­han­ced ground cle­a­ran­ce of 210mm, the hig­her ap­pro­ach and de­par­tu­re an­gles and the

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