For­mu­la E brings ra­cing back to S­wit­zer­land

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S­wit­zer­land may be the host of the Ge­ne­va Mo­tor S­how, but it has no ma­jor au­to­mo­ti­ve ma­nu­fac­tu­rers to speak of and it ha­sn’t hos­ted a ra­ce in de­ca­des. But, the last part is a­bout to chan­ge.

For­mu­la E will bring its e­lec­tric cars to S­wit­zer­land in Ju­ne next y­e­ar for a ra­ce in Zu­rich. This “Zu­rich eP­rix” will be the first car ra­ce held in S­wit­zer­land in o­ver 60 y­e­ars. Ra­cing was ban­ned in S­wit­zer­land for de­ca­des, but in 2015 chan­ges we­re ma­de to the re­le­vant laws that then al­lo­wed for e­lec­tric ra­cing. As with ot­her For­mu­la E ra­ces, the ve­nue for the Zu­rich eP­rix will li­ke­ly be a tem­po­ra­ry track laid out on ci­ty streets.

The Zu­rich ra­ce will be part of For­mu­la E’s fourth se­a­son. It be­gins in De­cem­ber and las­ts to the end of Ju­ly 2018. The se­a­son kicks off in Hong Kong on 2 and 3 De­cem­ber. Ot­her ra­ces will be held in Mar­ra­kesh, San­ti­a­go, Mex­i­co Ci­ty, Sao Pau­lo, Ro­me, Pa­ris, Ber­lin, New York Ci­ty and Montre­al.

As ma­nu­fac­tu­rers ge­ar up to build mo­re e­lec­tric ro­ad cars, For­mu­la E is at­tracting mo­re at­ten­ti­on from ma­nu­fac­tu­rers. This se­a­son, Au­di will field its own For­mu­la E te­am for the first ti­me. BMW will ma­nu­fac­tu­re po­wer­trains for the And­ret­ti Au­to­s­port te­am for the 2018-19 se­a­son and Mer­ce­des-Benz and Porsche will al­so join the se­ries in 2019.

Porsche will ra­ce in For­mu­la E in pla­ce of its success­ful 24 Hours of Le Mans cam­paign, whi­le Mer­ce­des will pull out of the Ger­man DTM ra­ce se­ries.

For­mu­la E ser­ves as a good mar­ke­ting plat­form for new e­lec­tric cars. Ja­guar, who joi­ned the se­ries last y­e­ar, will sell on­ly hy­brid and all-e­lec­tric cars af­ter 2020. BMW will launch 12 new all-e­lec­tric mo­dels by 2025 and Mer­ce­des plans to pro­du­ce a hy­brid or all-e­lec­tric ver­si­on of vir­tu­al­ly e­very car it ma­kes by 2022. The Volks­wa­gen Group, which al­so o­wns Au­di and Porsche, plans to add hy­brid or all-e­lec­tric va­ri­ants to e­very mo­del in its vast li­ne-up by 2030.

For­mu­le E ra­cing cars mix­ing it in Pa­ris last y­e­ar.

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