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The Au­to­mo­bi­le As­so­ci­a­ti­on (AA) calls on mo­to­ris­ts to en­su­re their vehi­cles are in a good con­di­ti­on be­fo­re set­ting off on their jour­ney ho­me af­ter the ho­li­days. Ty­res, bra­kes, lig­hts and o­ver­all en­gi­ne con­di­ti­on should be re­li­a­ble e­nough to bring you ho­me sa­fely.

The as­so­ci­a­ti­on says be­fo­re le­a­ving on a long jour­ney, dri­vers should:

Get e­nough rest be­fo­re em­bar­king on the trip;

Share the dri­ving re­spon­si­bi­li­ties with ot­her li­cen­sed dri­vers in the vehi­cle;

Stop e­very two hours, or 200km to stretch legs, get f­resh air, or ha­ve so­mething to eat;

O­bey the speed li­mits;

O­ver­ta­ke on­ly w­hen it sa­fe to do so, and t­he­re is no so­lid w­hi­te li­ne pro­hi­bi­ting this mo­ve;

Check that their vehi­cle is in good wor­king con­di­ti­on, in­clu­ding the ty­res, bra­kes, windscreen wipers (front and back), and lig­hts;

A­void u­sing e­lec­tro­nic de­vi­ces whi­le be­hind the w­heel;

En­su­re e­ver­yo­ne in the vehi­cle is buckled up sa­fely, in­clu­ding ba­bies who, by law, must be in a car se­at;

Keep child­ren bu­sy to a­void dis­tracti­ons for the dri­ver;

Le­a­ve e­ar­ly to a­void the rush, but not so e­ar­ly that they are ti­red;

Don’t rush ho­me; the tar­get is sa­fe­ty, not speed ;

Look out for pe­de­stri­ans, and ot­her ro­ad u­sers. Pe­de­stri­ans ma­ke up a­round 40% of all de­at­hs on our ro­ads an­nu­al­ly. Be vi­gi­lant, es­pe­ci­al­ly at da­wn and dusk.

“Sa­fer ro­ads be­gin and end with the pe­op­le who use them. With this in mind, we en­coura­ge e­very South A­fri­can dri­ver to ma­ke an ef­fort to stay as sa­fe as pos­si­ble whi­le be­hind the w­heel, and to re­mem­ber that get­ting to their des­ti­na­ti­on a litt­le la­ter than plan­ned is bet­ter than not get­ting t­he­re at all,” the AA con­clu­des.

Keeping the kids hap­py and en­ter­tai­ned is one trick to an e­a­sier ho­me­ward jour­ney.

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