A­not­her success­ful y­e­ar of the He­ri­ta­geTour

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Eig­h­teen vehi­cles, in­clu­ding a lo­vingly re­sto­red 1926 Ford Mo­del T and 1929 C­hev P­ha­e­ton, left from Ge­or­ge as part of the sixth Li­quor­land Her­i­ta­ge tour, du­ring wich Her­i­ta­ge Day was ap­pro­pri­a­te­ly ce­le­bra­ted by the gol­den ol­dies.

The Her­i­ta­ge Tour is one of the high­lig­hts on the ca­len­dar of the Sout­hern Ca­pe Old Car Club (SCOCC). The Her­i­ta­ge Tour ce­le­bra­ted Her­i­ta­ge Day on 24 Sep­tem­ber, as well as Na­ti­o­nal Tou­rism Month, which was ce­le­bra­ted in Sep­tem­ber.

“The Her­i­ta­ge Tour ce­le­bra­ted Her­i­ta­ge Day by ta­king the her­i­ta­ge of the­se old vehi­cles to the pe­op­le,” said Pier­re O­li­vier, chai­r­per­son of the or­ga­ni­sing com­mit­tee. “At the sa­me ti­me, Tou­rism Month was ce­le­bra­ted by fo­cu­sing on the con­tri­bu­ti­on this her­i­ta­ge ma­kes to the tou­rism in­du­stry.”

Ac­cor­ding to P­hil­lip Ros­ser, who tra­vels with wi­fe A­man­da in the Ford Mo­del T, they ex­pe­rien­ced a litt­le rain along the first sta­ge and it was a bit chil­ly in the o­pen vehi­cle.

“Ho­we­ver, we en­joy­ed a lo­ve­ly af­ter­noon with mem­bers of the Jef­freys Bay Clas­sic Car Club,” said Ros­ser.

Tour mem­bers en­joy­ed Na­ti­o­nal Braai Day in the Ad­do E­lep­hant Na­ti­o­nal Park. Back in the vil­la­ge, they ce­le­bra­ted the Sout­hern A­fri­can Ve­te­ran and Vin­ta­ge As­so­ci­a­ti­on (SAVVA) Na­ti­o­nal Dri­ve Day. SAVVA is the go­ver­ning bo­dy of all old car clubs in the coun­try.

Re­si­dents of towns along the rou­te could meet the par­ti­ci­pants and ha­ve a clo­ser look at the vehi­cles.The SCOCC aims to pre­ser­ve the South A­fri­can trans­port in­du­stry and its his­to­ry and to sti­mu­la­te the pu­blic’s in­te­rest.

The Her­i­ta­ge Tour al­so acts as a pre-mar­ke­ting e­vent of the an­nu­al Ge­or­ge Old Car S­how, which will ta­ke pla­ce at PW Bo­tha Col­le­ge on 10 and 11 Fe­bru­a­ry 2018.

The Ge­or­ge Old Car S­how is u­su­al­ly pre­ce­ded by the po­pu­lar Ve­te­ran Tour.

Next y­e­ar it will ta­ke pla­ce o­ver four days for the first ti­me.

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