The be­st way to be­co­me a bi­ker

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Ri­ding a mo­tor­bi­ke is so­mew­hat li­ke ri­ding a bi­cy­cle, but lo­gi­cal­ly the mo­to­ri­sed ver­si­on gets fast a lot quic­ker. So be­co­ming a bi­ker me­ans so­me trai­ning is ap­pro­pri­a­te, if you are com­pe­tent to stay u­prig­ht on a bi­cy­cle. Good mo­ti­va­ti­on for a bit of ex­pert trai­ning is that you get no ai­r­bags or se­at­belt. The on­ly pro­tecti­on is w­hat you are sen­si­ble e­nough to we­ar.

A good in­tro­duc­to­ry cour­se o­ver a day will pro­ba­bly pro­vi­de the rig­ht in­tro­ducti­on to the joys of ri­ding.

You will le­arn:

Ro­ad a­wa­re­ness

How to chan­ge ge­ars

How to use the bra­kes and clutch

Ro­ad po­si­ti­o­ning

Ri­ding dis­ci­pli­ne

S­top­ping and ro­ad craft

S­wer­ving and cor­ne­ring

The prin­ci­ples of coun­ter-s­teer­ing.

P­ho­to: Ar­ri­ve A­li­ve

A pro­fes­si­o­nal in­struc­tor will help you start off as you should con­ti­nue.

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