Hon­da re­call in C­hi­na o­ver ai­r­bags

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Hon­da will re­call mo­re than 245 000 vehi­cles in C­hi­na o­ver con­cerns re­gar­ding ai­r­bags ma­de by trou­bled Ja­pa­ne­se ma­nu­fac­tu­rer Ta­ka­ta.

The Ja­pa­ne­se ma­nu­fac­tu­rer and its C­hi­ne­se joint ven­tu­re part­ner, Gu­ang­qi Hon­da, will start wit­h­dra­wing vehi­cles fit­ted with the po­ten­ti­al­ly faul­ty ai­r­bags in the last week of Oc­to­ber. The mo­dels will in­clu­de Ac­cord, Fit, Ci­ty, Cros­stour and E­ver­us S1 mo­dels, a C­hi­ne­se con­su­mer wa­t­chdog an­noun­ced. The ai­r­bags will be re­pla­ced for free.

Ta­ka­ta has re­cal­led a­bout 100-mil­li­on ai­r­bags pro­du­ced for so­me of the wor­ld’s lar­ge­st au­to­ma­kers, in­clu­ding a­bout 70-mil­li­on in the US, be­cau­se of a risk that they could im­pro­per­ly in­fla­te and rup­tu­re, po­ten­ti­al­ly fi­ring de­ad­ly shrap­nel at the occu­pants.

The pro­blem has been lin­ked to a num­ber of de­at­hs and in­ju­ries wor­ld­wi­de. In C­hi­na, the de­fect in­vol­ves mo­re than 20-mil­li­on vehi­cles, most of which ha­ve al­re­a­dy been re­cal­led.

Last month, Hon­da re­a­ched a mul­ti-mil­li­on dol­lar sett­le­ment in a laws­uit o­ver de­fecti­ve ai­r­bags in mil­li­ons of cars on A­me­ri­can ro­ads.

Hon­da joins Nis­san, Toyo­ta, BMW, Ma­z­da and Su­ba­ru in agreeing a de­al to sett­le a laws­uit, re­pla­ce the de­fecti­ve ai­r­bags from now-ban­krupt Ta­ka­ta, and to com­pen­sa­te car o­w­ners.

The Hon­da mo­dels af­fected da­te back to 2001.

The ai­r­bag is­sue led to the big­ge­st car re­call in his­to­ry of a­bout 100-mil­li­on vehi­cles wor­ld­wi­de. In Fe­bru­a­ry Ta­ka­ta ple­a­ded guil­ty to fraud for hi­ding the de­fect and paid a R14-bil­li­on fi­ne. The com­pa­ny fi­led for ban­krup­t­cy in Ju­ne.

The ban­krup­t­cy could me­an the ma­jor car ma­nu­fac­tu­rers may find the ai­r­bag pro­du­cer will not reim­bur­se them for their cos­ts, despi­te a hu­ge fund cre­a­ted by Ta­ka­ta in Ja­nu­a­ry.

Hon­da will re­call vehi­cles in C­hi­na af­ter the com­pa­ny al­so laun­ched the lar­ge­st re­call e­ver in the US o­ver ai­r­bag pro­blems.

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