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As the de­mand for ren­tal pro­per­ties con­ti­nues to out­strip the cur­rent in­ven­to­ry a­vai­la­ble, it has be­co­me in­cre­a­singly dif­fi­cult for te­nants to find the rig­ht pro­per­ty, says A­dri­an Gos­lett, re­gi­o­nal di­rec­tor and CEO of RE/MAX of Sout­hern A­fri­ca.

"The de­mand for ren­tal ho­mes is at an un­pre­ce­den­ted high, whi­le t­he­re is sim­ply not e­nough pro­per­ties to go a­round. Te­nants are look­ing for the be­st pla­ce for the be­st va­lue, but cur­rent­ly, it seems that ma­ny ren­tal a­gen­cies are u­na­ble to as­sist be­cau­se of the lack of in­ven­to­ry out t­he­re. If a ren­tal pro­per­ty is within re­a­so­na­ble pri­ce ran­ge, t­he­re is of­ten a wai­ting list of po­ten­ti­al te­nants e­a­ger to get in­to the pro­per­ty. For te­nants that ha­ve mis­sed out or lost a pla­ce be­cau­se a­not­her ap­pli­cant was accep­ted, the pro­cess can be frus­tra­ting - es­pe­ci­al­ly if ti­me is a fac­tor. Ho­we­ver, t­he­re are ways that te­nants can im­pro­ve their chan­ces of fin­ding their i­de­al ren­tal pro­per­ty," says Gos­lett.

He­re are so­me ba­sic tips and tacti­cs to help te­nants get the pro­per­ty they want. The­se tips are es­pe­ci­al­ly help­ful for good te­nants with ex­cel­lent cre­dit and track re­cord.

T­hings to a­void

T­he­re is litt­le point re­spon­ding to an on­li­ne ad that has been vie­wed hund­reds of ti­mes. Ren­tal pro­per­ties that are per­cei­ved to be good va­lue will be snap­ped up in­stant­ly. "Lis­tings that ap­pear af­ter pa­ge 10 or tho­se ol­der than a week, will pro­ba­bly al­re­a­dy be ta­ken, es­pe­ci­al­ly ren­tals un­der R10 000 per month. "Check pro­per­ty se­arch por­tals on a dai­ly ba­sis to en­su­re you are re­spon­ding to ads as quick­ly as pos­si­ble," Gos­lett ad­vi­ses. Gi­ven the vo­lu­me of com­pe­ting te­nants in the mar­ket, as­king an a­gent to add you to a list or ta­ke your num­ber will not suf­fi­ce. Rat­her get the e-mail ad­dress of a re­pu­ta­ble a­gent who is acti­ve in the a­rea and e-mail them with the in­ten­ti­on of gai­ning so­me rap­port. Don't be com­pla­cent and le­a­ve it to the last mi­nu­te, it's har­der to se­cu­re the rig­ht pla­ce than you think.

Re­spon­ding to on­li­ne ads

To be no­ti­ced, it is cru­ci­al to re­spond to on­li­ne ads ef­fi­cient­ly. He­re are a few poin­ters on how to re­spond;

Be brief and ask for an ap­point­ment to see the pro­per­ty as soon as pos­si­ble;

Do not ask if the pro­per­ty is still a­vai­la­ble - this was­tes ti­me, and the pro­per­ty will be go­ne be­fo­re you get the be­ne­fit of a re­ply;

B­rief­ly, out­li­ne who you are, no­te the num­ber of occu­pants, pets and why you are mo­ving;

Sta­te that you ha­ve a cle­an cre­dit his­to­ry and ha­ve all do­cu­ments, p­roofs and de­po­sits re­a­dy;

Le­a­ve the que­s­ti­ons a­bout w­hat is in­clu­ded until you are fa­ce to fa­ce with the a­gent or land­lord;

S­hort­list as ma­ny po­ten­ti­al pla­ces to view as pos­si­ble to im­pro­ve your chan­ces of se­cu­ring one;

Land­lords and a­gents seek qua­li­ty te­nants, and you will need to en­su­re you ha­ve all the ne­ces­sa­ry do­cu­ments to s­how you are a qua­li­ty and ex­em­pla­ry te­nant;

Be pre­pa­red to be as­ked for the con­tact de­tails of re­fe­ren­ces.

Be pre­pa­red to gi­ve the fol­lo­wing to the a­gent or land­lord:

Ha­ving all the ne­ces­sa­ry do­cu­ments in or­der will speed up the pro­cess and s­how the land­lord that you are se­ri­ous a­bout the ren­tal. Ha­ve the fol­lo­wing in or­der be­fo­re re­spon­ding to an ad:

An up­da­ted cre­dit re­port should be kept so that it can be of­fe­red to the o­w­ner or the a­gent. They may do their own, but at le­ast you will know your cre­dit his­to­ry and sco­re;

Most a­gen­cies and sa­vvy pri­va­te land­lords will ha­ve an ap­pli­ca­ti­on form. If pos­si­ble, get this do­cu­ment be­fo­re the vie­wing and com­ple­te it be­fo­re you ar­ri­ve;

Ot­her do­cu­ments to re­mem­ber are co­pies of ID do­cu­ments, p­roof of in­co­me or a let­ter from your em­ploy­er. If you are self-em­ploy­ed, ha­ve three to six mont­hs' bank sta­te­ments;

Re­mem­ber, ren­tal a­gents and land­lords seek ap­pli­cants who e­arn roughly three ti­mes the ren­tal a­mount as a gross com­bi­ned in­co­me;

A let­ter from your past land­lord or ren­tal a­gent is al­ways help­ful. At le­ast ha­ve their con­tact de­tails han­dy. A­gents/land­lords want to know your con­duct and pay­ment be­ha­vi­our at pre­vi­ous pro­per­ties you ha­ve ren­ted;

If you ha­ve ne­ver ren­ted or if you pre­vi­ous­ly o­w­ned your pro­per­ty, try to get a good re­fe­ren­ce from a re­spon­si­ble aut­ho­ri­ty fi­gu­re, school burs­ar, mi­nis­ter etc.;

If t­he­re is a­ny­thing that ne­ga­ti­ve­ly af­fects the ap­pli­ca­ti­on, rat­her be ho­nest and o­pen a­bout it and sta­te w­hat you ha­ve do­ne to im­pro­ve the si­tu­a­ti­on. Being ho­nest a­bout it shows in­te­gri­ty.

"To ma­ke a good im­pres­si­on with a land­lord, be on ti­me for the ap­point­ment. If pos­si­ble, al­so try and build so­me rap­port with the land­lord so that they will re­mem­ber you. Ha­ve all the ne­ces­sa­ry sup­por­ting do­cu­men­ta­ti­on on hand and ask if t­he­re is a for­mal ap­pli­ca­ti­on to fol­low. If they can pro­vi­de a re­ceipt, ask if you can pay the le­a­se fee or de­po­sit im­me­di­a­te­ly," says Gos­lett. "

Whi­le it may ta­ke so­me ti­me, it is vi­tal not to lo­se ho­pe and gi­ve up. If you ap­ply the a­bo­ve tips and keep at it, you will e­ven­tu­al­ly find the i­de­al ren­tal pro­per­ty."


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