Re­vamp a be­droom in a wee­kend

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Of cour­se we’d all lo­ve to win a ho­me ma­ke­o­ver, but inste­ad of wai­ting for a ho­me re­no­va­ti­ons TV s­how to call you, ta­ke a ‘be­fo­re’ p­ho­to now and get re­a­dy to gi­ve your be­droom a ma­ke­o­ver.

He­re are a few e­a­sy and bud­get-friend­ly ways to re­vamp a be­droom in a wee­kend:

Cle­ar sur­fa­ces

A good cle­an-up is the ob­vi­ous start, but pay par­ti­cu­lar at­ten­ti­on to cle­a­ring sur­fa­ce clut­ter that you u­su­al­ly o­ver­look. Cast a cri­ti­cal eye o­ver all the sur­fa­ces in your be­droom and re­mo­ve w­hat is not es­sen­ti­al. For ex­am­ple, hi­de your e­ve­ning moi­stu­ri­ser and hand cre­am in a bed­s­i­de ca­bi­net dra­wer, rat­her than le­a­ving it on the top. And whi­le you’re at it, tuck a­way your nig­ht-ti­me re­a­ding ma­te­ri­al too. Stand back and no­ti­ce how much mo­re spa­ci­ous your room feels w­hen the sur­fa­ces are cle­a­red of clut­ter.

Paint one wall

Paint is ex­pen­si­ve, com­mit­ting to a new co­lour is ner­ve-wrecking, and pain­ting an en­ti­re room is ti­me con­su­ming. The so­lu­ti­on is sim­ple and sty­lish - paint the wall at the he­ad of your bed. This is a fa­bu­lous way to cre­a­te a fe­a­tu­re wall, try out a new co­lour and high­lig­ht the main pie­ce of fur­ni­tu­re in your room - the bed. If you don’t ha­ve a he­ad­bo­ard, you could paint a faux he­ad­bo­ard straig­ht on the wall.

F­resh bed li­nen

Do­na­te f­a­ded du­vet co­vers and pil­low slips and re­pla­ce them with f­resh, new bed li­nen. If you lo­ve pat­terns and co­lours, go rig­ht a­he­ad. Ho­we­ver, in a small room you may want to stick to so­lid co­lours as pat­terns can look too bu­sy in a small spa­ce. For a calm and clas­sic look that al­so helps brig­h­tens up a room, opt for w­hi­te bed li­nen. You can’t go wrong with w­hi­te!

Chan­ge har­dwa­re

W­hen t­he­re’s no bud­get for new be­droom fur­ni­tu­re, do the next be­st thing - chan­ge the hand­les. It’s a­ma­zing w­hat a dif­fe­ren­ce it ma­kes to chan­ge the har­dwa­re on bed­s­i­de ca­bi­nets, war­dro­bes, doors and e­ven lig­ht switch pla­tes. If the hand­les are wooden, and you want to sa­ve a bit of cash, try re­pain­ting them with the sa­me co­lour you u­sed to paint the fe­a­tu­re wall. It’s an e­a­sy way to pull the look to­get­her wit­hout spen­ding any ex­tra cash.

On­ce you’ve fi­nis­hed, ta­ke a p­ho­to and en­joy the sa­tis­facti­on of ma­king that ‘af­ter’ hap­pen - all by your­self.

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