T­re­zor shows the way to Re­nault’s fu­tu­re

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Re­nault is ta­king its de­sign lan­gua­ge in a new di­recti­on as de­mon­stra­ted with the stun­ning Re­nault T­re­zor con­cept GT car.

O­ri­gi­nal­ly re­vea­led at the the 2016 Pa­ris Mo­tor S­how, it has been sho­wn at se­ver­al e­vents sin­ce, in­clu­ding the re­cent De­sig­nJuncti­on e­vent in Lon­don.

The T­re­zor fol­lows the mag­ni­fi­cent de­sign of the 2010 DeZir con­cept, which in­tro­du­ced sty­ling that is now u­sed on ma­ny cur­rent Re­nault mo­dels.

Li­ke DeZir, T­re­zor it­self won’t go in­to pro­ducti­on, but its de­sign ap­pro­ach will most li­ke­ly be in­tro­du­ced on fu­tu­re mo­dels.

Re­nault told me­dia that the T­re­zor’s shape, de­sign and co­lour choi­ces are ai­med at e­vo­king pas­si­on, hen­ce the ex­ten­si­ve use of red. If the car’s shape seems a­ni­mal-li­ke, it’s not by ac­ci­dent.

The com­pu­ter-de­sig­ned car­bon we­a­ve bo­dy­work looks li­ke sna­ke skin up c­lo­se and le­at­her is u­sed o­ver the sills. The T­re­zor’s de­sign is all a­bout po­wer and ag­gres­si­on.

For the rest, the T­re­zor a­dopts clas­sic sports car pro­por­ti­ons.

The ca­bin is pus­hed far back. The car is long, wi­de and low and the sleek de­sign helps con­tri­bu­te to an im­pres­si­ve drag coef­fi­cient of 0.22.

For the po­wer­train, Re­nault u­sed an e­lec­tric mo­tor and re­ge­ne­ra­ti­ve bra­king sy­stem ba­sed on the har­dwa­re from its For­mu­la E ra­ce cars.

The mo­tor sends 261kW horse­po­wer and 379Nm of tor­que to the re­ar w­heels, get­ting the T­re­zor from 0 to100km in less than four se­conds, says Re­nault. The T­re­zor u­ses a car­bon fi­b­re pas­sen­ger cell with tu­bu­lar steel fra­mes at­ta­ched to the front and re­ar, hel­ping keep weig­ht do­wn to 1 600kg.

The T­re­zor’s roof lifts off to al­low access to the two-se­at cock­pit. The dashbo­ard is one big cur­ved dis­play ma­de from Go­ril­la Glass, with tou­ch con­trols hand­ling most functi­ons.

In front of the cock­pit is stora­ge spa­ce that con­tains cu­s­tom-ma­de lug­ga­ge. The T­re­zor is ca­pa­ble of au­to­no­mous dri­ving. W­hen it’s in self-dri­ving mo­de, the s­teer­ing w­heel ex­tends in width, pro­vi­ding a cle­a­rer view of the screen.

Whi­le the T­re­zor is just a con­cept car, ma­ny of its e­le­ments will s­how up on pro­ducti­on in fu­tu­re Re­naults, in­clu­ding at le­ast so­me of the sty­ling cu­es. The­se would pro­ba­bly be the dashbo­ard and la­yout, as well as ot­her au­to­no­mous-dri­ving techno­lo­gy.

Along with part­ner Nis­san, Re­nault plans to ma­ke au­to­no­mous sy­s­tems a­vai­la­ble on main­stre­am mo­dels from 2020.

The T­re­zor's de­sign is all a­bout po­wer and ag­res­si­on.

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