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“It’s en­coura­ging to no­te the in­cre­a­se in sa­les vo­lu­mes in both the pas­sen­ger car and LCV seg­ments o­ver the past four mont­hs,” says Ne­a­le Hill, di­rec­tor of mar­ke­ting, sa­les and ser­vi­ce at Ford Mo­tor Com­pa­ny SA.

“We an­ti­ci­pa­te this t­rend con­tinuing for the re­main­der of the y­e­ar. Ho­we­ver, con­su­mers re­main un­der pres­su­re due to the subdu­ed e­co­nomy. The fu­el pri­ce in­cre­a­ses in Sep­tem­ber and Oc­to­ber will on­ly ex­a­cer­ba­te the si­tu­a­ti­on furt­her and we ex­pect cu­s­to­mers to in­cre­a­singly pri­o­ri­ti­se fu­el e­co­nomy w­hen ma­king pur­cha­sing de­ci­si­ons. Ford’s mul­ti­ple a­ward-win­ning E­coBoost en­gi­nes are gai­ning fan­tas­tic tracti­on in the mar­ket due to their out­stan­ding per­for­man­ce and fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy.”


To­tal sa­les: 6 175;

Sa­les up 8% o­ver 2016;

To­tal in­du­stry sa­les up 6% o­ver Sep­tem­ber


Ford claims 12,2% sa­les share;

Ran­ger top sel­ler for Ford with 2 337 u­nits;

Ran­ger at­tains hig­hest-e­ver ex­port vo­lu­me:

7 780 u­nits;

Ex­ports bound for Eu­ro­pe, Midd­le East and

A­fri­ca; Fies­ta a­chie­ved its se­cond-hig­hest sa­les for

2017 with 1 447 u­nits;

Fi­go en­joys be­st sa­les of the y­e­ar. A to­tal of

546 u­nits sold in Sep­tem­ber;

E­coS­port re­tai­ned do­mi­nan­ce in com­pact

SUV class - 814 sa­les;

Se­ven-se­a­ter E­ve­rest SUV sa­les up to 556


Ne­a­le Hill

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