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Mo­dern cars in­cre­a­singly ha­ve self­di­ag­nos­tic sy­s­tems that a­lert mo­to­ris­ts to in­cor­rect en­gi­ne oil le­vels, but the most com­mon met­hod of checking the en­gi­ne oil is still to use the dip­stick.

Con­sult your vehi­cle’s o­w­ner ma­nu­al to de­ter­mi­ne how the oil should be chec­ked, for ex­am­ple, w­hen warm or cold.

En­su­re the vehi­cle is par­ked on a flat sur­fa­ce, wit­h­draw the dip­stick and cle­an it. Rein­sert it and wit­h­draw on­ce a­gain – the oil le­vel should be be­t­ween the up­per and lo­wer marks. If it is too low, add oil im­me­di­a­te­ly to pre­vent se­ri­ous en­gi­ne da­ma­ge cau­sed by oil star­va­ti­on.

In the ra­re ca­se of the en­gi­ne oil being o­ver­fil­led, so­me of the ex­cess should be drai­ned off to pre­vent ex­ces­si­ve oil con­sump­ti­on, smo­king and pos­si­ble da­ma­ge to the en­gi­ne and ca­ta­ly­tic con­ver­ter.

Con­sult a me­cha­nic if you are un­cer­tain how to do this your­self.

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