Gar­de­ning tips for Oc­to­ber

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Oc­to­ber is the month of flo­wers! If you put in the hard work, your gar­den will be a mag­ni­fi­cent s­how of blooms.

He­re are so­me shor­t­cuts so that you can still en­joy the month of blooms:

Cra­zy dai­sy

The good old-fashi­o­ned dai­sy bush that our gran­nies al­ways had in their gar­dens has un­der­go­ne a bit of a ma­ke­o­ver. The­se new plants are short, com­pact, flo­wer non-stop, and ma­ke any gar­den look li­ke it has been lo­ved and nur­tu­red. All you ha­ve to do is ma­ke su­re you cut off the old flo­wers c­lo­se to the stem, and it’ll just keep on gi­ving.

Sort out the ho­se

The he­at is going to be tur­ned up a notch or two, so get the ho­se­pi­pe sor­ted. I ha­ve of­ten seen ho­se­pi­pes w­he­re most of the wa­ter di­sap­pears out of ho­les way be­fo­re it re­a­ches the noz­z­le. Sa­ve wa­ter w­he­re pos­si­ble.


You ha­ve to mulch.This ba­si­cal­ly me­ans put­ting do­wn a lay­er of com­post, le­a­ves, bark chips or e­ven sto­nes on all ba­re pa­t­ches of soil. Mulch traps the moi­stu­re in the soil, stops weeds from ger­mi­na­ting, and al­so adds nu­tri­ti­on to the soil (ex­cept the sto­nes, of cour­se).

If you’re wor­ried a­bout your hands or nails:

1. Get a good pair of gar­de­ning glo­ves.

2. Ta­ke an old-fashi­o­ned ca­ke of so­ap, warm it in the sun, and then at­tack it with your nails. The so­ap will get un­der your nails and form a pro­tecti­ve lay­er.

Go and gar­den li­ke a mad thing, and w­hen you’re do­ne you sim­ply wash the so­ap a­way and your nails will still be cle­an.

Go ba­na­nas

Ba­na­na skins don’t be­long in the bin. S­cat­ter them a­round your veg­gies and herbs – they re­le­a­se pot­assi­um, which pro­mo­tes flo­we­ring and frui­ting. Hap­py gar­de­ning!

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