Peu­ge­ot in­cre­a­ses WRX in­vol­vement

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Peu­ge­ot has in­cre­a­sed its in­vol­vement in the Wor­ld Ral­ly­cross C­ham­pi­ons­hip (WRX) in 2018 with its am­bas­sa­dor Sé­bas­tien Loeb, Wor­ld Te­am cham­pi­on in 2015 and run­ner-up in 2016.

The Peu­ge­ot 208’s pre­sen­ce in a spec­ta­cu­lar c­ham­pi­ons­hip sup­ports Peu­ge­ot’s bu­si­ness gro­wth plan out­si­de Eu­ro­pe by in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly sho­w­ca­sing the Peu­ge­ot Sport te­am’s know-how.

The 2018 ca­len­dar da­tes will be an­noun­ced soon. The se­ries cur­rent­ly sweeps through 12 rounds on three con­ti­nents.

Peu­ge­ot Sport is wor­king clo­se­ly with the pro­mo­ter IMG to add new da­tes on the last two con­ti­nents.

As it was at the cre­a­ti­on of this wor­ld c­ham­pi­ons­hip in 2014, the brand is re­a­dy to sup­port the e­vo­lu­ti­ons in E-WRX as part of its techno­lo­gi­cal plan, which aims to of­fer 80% of the mo­dels in e­lec­tri­fied ver­si­on by 2023.

Sé­bas­tien Loeb con­ti­nues the ad­ven­tu­re with Peu­ge­ot Sport te­ams in a c­ham­pi­ons­hip w­he­re the com­pe­ti­ti­on is in­ten­si­fying.

“The brand wants to be in­vol­ved in a new chal­len­ge,” said Je­an-P­hi­lip­pe Im­pa­ra­to of Peu­ge­ot. “The i­dea is to ac­com­pa­ny its own e­ner­gy tran­si­ti­on but al­so to cre­a­te a strong and u­ni­que link with new cu­s­to­mers and the new ge­ne­ra­ti­on. The E-WRX is the per­fect fit for this stra­tegy. Our am­bas­sa­dor Sé­bas­tien Loeb will sup­port us in this da­ring new ad­ven­tu­re. The go­al of the 2018 se­a­son will be to win the tit­le. To this end, we are streng­the­ning the de­ve­lop­ments i­ni­ti­a­ted by Peu­ge­ot Sport and stu­dying the sports ma­na­ge­ment sy­stem im­ple­men­ted by the Han­sen fa­mi­ly sin­ce 2014.”

Sé­bas­tien Loeb said, “It’s a g­re­at op­por­tu­ni­ty to launch my­self in­to an ‘e­lec­tri­fying’ new ex­pe­rien­ce and to be e­ven clo­ser to my fans through WRX. I look for­ward to dis­co­ve­ring this new spor­ting fron­tier”.

South A­fri­cans can look for­ward to seeing the te­am in acti­on at the Kil­lar­ney Ra­ce­track ne­ar Ca­pe To­wn, w­hen the WRX C­ham­pi­ons­hip co­mes to South A­fri­ca from 10 to 12 No­vem­ber.

Loeb in acti­on du­ring the se­ries. Sé­bas­tien Loeb

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