D­ri­ve ca­re­ful­ly - mo­re rain ex­pected

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He­re are so­me sa­fe­ty tips to help you stay sa­fe w­hen dri­ving in rai­ny we­at­her:

Be es­pe­ci­al­ly ca­re­ful w­hen the rain first starts. W­hen ro­ads ha­ve been dry for a long ti­me, en­gi­ne oil and gre­a­se builds up on ro­ads and highways. As soon as the first drops of rain start to fall, the wa­ter mixes with t­his build-up, ma­king the ro­ads in­cre­di­bly slick.

Slow do­wn. You should al­ways d­ri­ve at a slo­wer speed w­hen the ro­ads are wet. The fas­ter you d­ri­ve in a rain­storm, the mo­re li­ke­ly you are to ha­ve an ac­ci­dent. Le­a­ve the hou­se e­ar­lier than u­su­al to gi­ve your­self ad­di­ti­o­nal tra­vel ti­me so you won’t feel the ur­ge to rush.

Bra­ke e­ar­lier and slo­wer. W­hen you need to slow do­wn or stop on wet ro­ads, e­a­se on the bra­kes e­ar­lier and with less for­ce than you would nor­mal­ly. T­his de­cre­a­ses your risk of hyd­ropla­ning and keeps a sa­fe dis­tan­ce be­t­ween you and the car in front of you. It al­so alerts any dri­vers be­hind you to slow do­wn. If you stop too sud­den­ly in a rain­storm, you could get re­ar-en­ded.

A­void big “pudd­les.” If you spot a hu­ge pudd­le in the ro­ad up a­he­ad, d­ri­ve a­round it or ta­ke a dif­fe­rent rou­te. De­pen­ding on how deep the wa­ter is, it could e­ven flo­at your car. If you a­ren’t su­re just how deep a pudd­le is, s­teer cle­ar of it al­to­get­her.

Turn on your he­ad­lig­hts. E­ven if just a few rain­drops are fal­ling, turn on your he­ad­lig­hts. Not on­ly will t­his help you see the ro­ad, but it will help ot­her dri­vers see you. Ho­we­ver, don’t use your high be­ams in the rain. T­his can ac­tu­al­ly re­du­ce your vi­si­bi­li­ty and blind ot­her dri­vers.

Turn on your de­fros­ter. Your winds­hield can fog up quick­ly du­ring a rain­storm, which can cau­se you to lo­se sig­ht of the ro­ad. Turn on your front and re­ar de­fros­ters and the A/C to de­fog your win­dows.

Keep an eye out for pe­de­stri­ans. In a rain­storm, a pe­de­stri­an’s view of the ro­ad could be obscu­red by their um­brel­la - which me­ans t­hey may ac­ci­den­tal­ly step in­to the ro­ad at the wrong ti­me. If you are dri­ving in a ci­ty or a­not­her a­rea with pe­de­stri­ans, keep a c­lo­se eye out for pe­op­le in the ro­ad.

Pull o­ver if the rain is too he­a­vy. If the rain is fal­ling so hard that you can ba­re­ly see the car in front of you, pull o­ver and wait for the rain to slow do­wn or stop. Af­ter all, it’s much bet­ter for you to ma­ke it to your des­ti­na­ti­on a litt­le la­te than not at all.

Don’t bra­ke if you hyd­ropla­ne. If you feel your car star­ting to hyd­ropla­ne, don’t bra­ke sud­den­ly or turn the s­teer­ing w­heel. T­his could send you in­to a skid. Inste­ad, e­a­se off the gas pe­dal slo­w­ly and s­teer straig­ht until you feel your ti­res re­gain tracti­on. If you ha­ve to bra­ke and don’t ha­ve an­ti-lock bra­kes, tap the bra­ke pe­dal lig­ht­ly. If you do ha­ve an­ti-lock bra­kes, you can bra­ke nor­mal­ly.

Sour­ce: Ar­ri­ve A­li­ve

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