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The Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­ve Ad­ju­di­ca­ti­on of Ro­ad Traf­fic Of­fen­ces (Aar­to) a­mend­ment bill has mo­ved a step clo­ser to being sig­ned in­to law. It is ba­sed on a sy­stem of points being ad­ded for traf­fic vi­o­la­ti­ons or a “de­me­rit sy­stem.” The bill was pas­sed through vo­ting in the Na­ti­o­nal As­sem­bly on 5 Sep­tem­ber.

T­hey ar­gued, a­mong ot­her t­hings, that the bill’s good in­ten­ti­ons had be­co­me a bu­reau­cra­tic nig­ht­ma­re, and would be­co­me a box-ticking exe­r­ci­se that would be cos­t­ly to run.

The bill will now be sent to the Na­ti­o­nal Coun­cil of Pro­vin­ces for a­dop­ti­on and then for P­re­si­dent Ja­cob Zu­ma to be sig­ned in­to law, pro­vi­ded his of­fi­ce has no ob­jecti­ons to its con­tents.

Should Par­li­a­ment be sa­tis­fied with pro­po­sed a­mend­ments, the Bill will then be han­ded o­ver to The Na­ti­o­nal Coun­cil of Pro­vin­ces (NCOP). If the coun­cil ap­pro­ves, Aar­to could be im­ple­men­ted at the end of the 2017/2018 fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar.

Ha­bi­tu­al traf­fic of­fen­ders will very quick­ly rack up the “points”, which may me­an ha­ving their d­ri­ver’s li­cen­ces sus­pen­ded or e­ven can­cel­led (af­ter three stri­kes) w­hen Aar­to co­mes in­to ef­fect.

The Aar­to Act aims to re­du­ce the high ra­te of traf­fic ac­ci­dents by re­war­ding com­pli­ant ro­ad u­sers and ta­king acti­on a­gainst reckless dri­vers by im­po­sing de­me­rit points.

On­ce the Aar­to Act co­mes in­to ef­fect, all dri­vers will start with a ba­lan­ce of ze­ro with be­t­ween one and six points being is­su­ed, de­pen­ding on the se­ve­ri­ty of the of­fen­ce.


Les­ser trans­gres­si­ons, in­clu­ding fai­ling to yield for pe­de­stri­ans, o­ver­ta­king a­cross a bar­rier li­ne and dri­ving whi­le hol­ding a cel­lp­ho­ne, will re­sult in a mo­ne­ta­ry fi­ne and a sin­gle de­me­rit point.

Ex­cee­ding the speed li­mit will re­sult in a mi­ni­mum of two points whi­le the max­i­mum of six de­me­rits will be han­ded do­wn to anyo­ne found guil­ty of dri­ving un­der the in­flu­en­ce, tra­vel­ling at or o­ver 100km/h in a 60km/h zo­ne, or ex­cee­ding 120km/h in an 80km/h zo­ne.

De­me­rit points will be al­lo­ca­ted to both dri­vers and vehi­cles and will be in­cur­red w­hen pay­ment is ma­de for the in­frin­ge­ment, w­hen found guil­ty of an in­frin­ge­ment in court or w­hen an en­for­ce­ment or­der is ser­ved.

U­pon ex­cee­ding 12 points, the vehi­cle or d­ri­ver’s li­cen­ce, pro­fes­si­o­nal d­ri­ver’s per­mit or o­pe­ra­tor card will be sus­pen­ded for a pe­ri­od in mont­hs e­qual to three ti­mes the num­ber of de­me­rits ex­cee­ding the 12-point li­mit.

In the ca­se of a first and se­cond ti­me sus­pen­si­on, a point will be re­gai­ned e­very three mont­hs whi­le a thi­rd sus­pen­si­on will see the cul­prit re­qui­red to re­do their le­ar­ner’s and d­ri­ver’s tes­ts af­resh.

Ex­am­ples of de­me­rits

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