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Nis­san Mo­tor Co. Ltd. will show a num­ber of ex­ci­ting con­cept cars and pro­ducti­on vehi­cles at t­his y­e­ar’s Tokyo Mo­tor Show in Oc­to­ber and No­vem­ber, gi­ving cu­s­to­mers a glimp­se of the com­pa­ny’s ne­west and fu­tu­re in­no­va­ti­ons.

The Se­re­na Nis­mo of­fers Nis­mo’s spor­ting techno­lo­gy - he­ad-tur­ning sty­ling and exhi­la­ra­ting per­for­man­ce - wit­hout sa­cri­fi­cing the ba­se mo­del’s fa­mi­ly-friend­ly na­tu­re.

The ex­te­ri­or de­sign ap­pro­pri­a­te­ly re­flects Nis­mo’s per­for­man­ce-o­rien­ted na­tu­re, with cu­s­tom parts that en­han­ce the ag­gres­si­ve­ness of its ap­pea­ran­ce. In­si­de, occu­pants will en­joy Nis­mo’s sig­na­tu­re red accents.

The Se­re­na Nis­mo fe­a­tu­res shar­per hand­ling, thanks to a cu­s­tom sport tu­ned sus­pen­si­on sy­stem. A new en­gi­ne con­t­rol mo­du­le and exhaust sy­stem add ex­tra ex­ci­te­ment and flair to the o­ver­all dri­ving ex­pe­rien­ce.

The Se­re­na Nis­mo is sche­du­led to go on sa­le in Ja­pan in No­vem­ber.


Nis­san’s pre­mi­um sports se­dan has al­ways fe­a­tu­red cut­ting-ed­ge techno­lo­gy that stirs the d­ri­ver’s e­mo­ti­ons.

All Sky­li­ne mo­dels now co­me with Nis­san’s All-A­round Sa­fe­ty S­hield techno­lo­gy. T­his can be com­bi­ned with the high-per­for­man­ce, en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly hy­brid sy­stem and di­rect a­dap­ti­ve s­teer­ing.

C­han­ges in­clu­de a re­vam­ped ex­te­ri­or that spi­ces up w­hat was al­re­a­dy one of the most at­tracti­ve vehi­cles in its class.

In­si­de, the s­teer­ing w­heel and shift knob are new, as is the in­stru­ment pa­nel’s sur­fa­ce fi­nish, gi­ving the in­te­ri­or an e­ven hig­her pre­mi­um qua­li­ty.

It is sche­du­led to go on sa­le in

Ja­pan in De­cem­ber.

For the thi­rd ti­me in a row, the Kin­sey Re­port has na­med Dat­sun GO as South A­fri­ca’s most af­for­da­ble car. The Kin­sey Re­port, re­gar­ded as the most com­pre­hen­si­ve sur­vey on e­ver­y­day mo­to­ring, an­nu­al­ly re­ports on the run­ning cos­ts of vehi­cles a­vai­la­ble lo­cal­ly.

The re­port sur­vey­ed parts pri­cing of 69 vehi­cles a­cross ni­ne seg­ments du­ring Ju­ly 2017.

The Kin­sey Re­port fo­cu­ses on the pri­ce of car parts, which ul­ti­ma­te­ly af­fects in­su­ran­ce pre­mi­ums and re­pair cos­ts on a vehi­cle. The re­port high­lig­hts the true cost of vehi­cle o­w­ners­hip and has be­co­me the ben­ch­mark of in­de­pen­dent parts pri­cing in the South A­fri­can mo­to­ring in­du­stry.

Un­der the ca­te­go­ry of Ci­ty Cars: en­try le­vel cars for first ti­me buy­ers, the Dat­sun GO has been na­med the be­st o­ver­all in the ser­vi­ce, re­pair and crash parts secti­ons.

“The 2017 re­sults of the Kin­sey re­port is furt­her e­vi­den­ce of the Dat­sun Go’s at­tracti­ve pri­cing struc­tu­re in SA. T­his en­su­res that South A­fri­cans can still main­tain their vehi­cles at af­for­da­ble pri­ces, e­ven in tough e­co­no­mic con­di­ti­ons,” says Des Fen­ner, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of Dat­sun South A­fri­ca.

By scoo­p­ing the tit­le for the thi­rd con­se­cu­ti­ve y­e­ar, Dat­sun shows that it is ful­fil­ling its pro­mi­se to bring qua­li­ty, af­for­da­ble mo­to­ring to South A­fri­cans.

“The Dat­sun GO has broug­ht in­de­pen­den­ce from pu­blic trans­port sche­du­les to ma­ny and pro­vi­ded them with per­so­nal mo­bi­li­ty that has e­na­bled them to access new op­por­tu­ni­ties,” says Fen­ner.

The af­for­da­bi­li­ty of parts, in con­juncti­on with class-le­a­ding fu­el con­sump­ti­on, ma­kes the to­tal cost of o­w­ners­hip (TCO) one of the be­st in South A­fri­ca. Not on­ly is the pur­cha­se pri­ce of the car af­for­da­ble, but the TCO o­ver the li­fe of the car is al­so the most af­for­da­ble.

Fen­ner furt­her main­tains that “the GO has not on­ly hel­ped mo­to­ris­ts to con­tain mo­to­ring cos­ts at a ti­me w­hen the­re are mas­si­ve bud­get pres­su­res on most hou­se­holds, but has al­so e­na­bled ma­ny South A­fri­cans to en­ter the new car mar­ket for the first ti­me. The Dat­sun GO con­ti­nues to ma­ke an in­de­li­ble im­pres­si­on on the en­try-le­vel vehi­cle seg­ment.”

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