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Re­fi­ned and so­phi­sti­ca­ted li­ving. E­le­gan­ce will gra­ce you in t­his ho­me of jaw-drop­ping qua­li­ty, which is si­tu­a­ted in the e­li­te Kraai­bosch Ma­nor, a very po­pu­lar se­cu­ri­ty e­sta­te in the he­art of the Gar­den Rou­te ne­ar the E­den Me­an­der Li­fe­sty­le Cen­t­re. An im­pres­si­ve stai­r­ca­se ca­t­ches the eye in the dou­ble vo­lu­me, dou­ble sto­rey en­ter­tai­ner's d­re­am.

It is a true gem with top-of-the-ran­ge fi­nis­hes. E­very de­tail has been de­sig­ned with the dis­cer­ning buy­er in mind, with la­vish and mo­dern fe­a­tu­res, ex­pan­si­ve be­drooms and o­pen li­ving a­re­as. The in­si­de BBQ a­rea has stacking doors - an in­vi­ta­ti­on to o­pen up to na­tu­re, al­lo­wing for la­zing a­round the s­par­kling pool with fa­mi­ly and friends in pri­va­cy.

A true bo­nus is the com­bus­ti­on sto­ve he­a­ting up the en­ti­re ho­me for the col­der win­ter days. The de­sign of the kit­chen with the fi­ne ap­poin­ted gas sto­ve and con­ve­nient is­land is e­very host's d­re­am. So­me of the spe­ci­al fe­a­tu­res in­clu­de 3 full bathrooms and walk-in clo­sets. D­re­am it… Own it… The re­al de­al of luxu­ry!

Erf si­ze: 800m², Floor si­ze: 310m² Ad­dress: Kraai­bosch Ma­nor

Pri­ce: R4 495 000

A­gent: Lo­la de Mey­er 079 391 1196

Web Re­fe­ren­ce: 1601

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