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Gi­ving your ho­me a fresh co­at of paint is a sim­ple yet highly im­pact­ful way to re­fresh its look and in­cre­a­se its a­est­he­tic ap­pe­al, ma­king it mo­re ap­pe­a­ling to po­ten­ti­al buy­ers. "Not on­ly will a new co­at of paint ma­ke your ho­me mo­re at­tracti­ve, but it can al­so in­flu­en­ce the per­cei­ved va­lue of the pro­per­ty. Ho­we­ver, it is im­por­tant to se­lect the rig­ht co­lour to com­ple­ment the ho­me and its sur­roun­dings," says A­dri­an Gos­lett, re­gi­o­nal di­rec­tor and CEO of RE/MAX of Sout­hern A­fri­ca.

W­hi­le se­lecting the co­lour for your ho­me will be lar­ge­ly ba­sed on your per­so­nal pre­fe­ren­ce and sen­se of sty­le, one met­hod you can use that will pro­vi­de a ba­sic gui­de­li­ne on w­he­re to start is u­sing the a­cro­nym 'FRESH' w­hen con­si­de­ring which co­lour to use.

F – This stands for fixed fe­a­tu­res on the ex­te­ri­or of the ho­me, which in­clu­des per­ma­nent de­sign e­le­ments such as the foun­da­ti­on s­to­ne, brick fa­ca­des and pathways. Of­ten the­re is a co­lour or va­ri­ant the­re­of that is com­mon to all the­se e­le­ments. I­den­ti­fy the co­lour so that the rig­ht paint co­lour can be se­lected to com­ple­ment and en­han­ce it.

R – Re­gi­o­nal co­lours. Cer­tain a­re­as will ha­ve a par­ti­cu­lar co­lour pa­let­te that works with the sur­roun­dings, sty­les of the ho­mes and the buil­ding ma­te­ri­als u­sed. Neig­hbour­hood con­sis­ten­cy will ma­ke the a­rea mo­re in­vi­ting and a­est­he­ti­cal­ly ple­a­sing to buy­ers.

E – The en­vi­ron­ment in which the ho­me is lo­ca­ted, should be con­si­de­red, w­het­her that be ci­ty, be­ach or moun­tain­si­de. Na­tu­re, as well as the built en­vi­ron­ment, should be con­si­de­red to en­s­u­re that the­re is a sen­se of con­tinui­ty with the rest of the hou­ses in the neig­hbour­hood. Ha­ve a walk a­round the pro­per­ty and ta­ke in the va­ri­ous si­tes, per­haps ta­king pho­tos of w­hat you see. Doing this will help you see any com­mon co­lour pa­let­tes and no­te e­le­ments such as the sur­roun­ding lands­ca­pe, fo­lia­ge, tex­tu­res and ad­ja­cent buil­dings. Most neu­tral co­lours will blend in with any en­vi­ron­ment; ho­we­ver, you can opt to paint the ho­me in a con­tras­ting whi­te to ma­ke it stand out. The co­lour whi­te is kno­wn to s­how off the ar­chi­tec­tu­ral de­tails of a ho­me.

S – Sty­le of the ho­me. Cer­tain co­lours work well with a par­ti­cu­lar sty­le of ho­me, de­pen­ding on the o­ver­all look and feel of the pro­per­ty. The­re are al­so cer­tain a­re­as in so­me parts of the coun­try that will ha­ve a spe­ci­fic buil­ding sty­le and co­lour sche­me that be­st suits that ty­pe of ar­chi­tec­tu­re. Ca­pe Dutch sty­le hou­sing is a pri­me ex­am­ple; most of the­se ho­mes are whi­te.

H – If pos­si­ble, pre­ser­ve the in­he­rent co­lours of the a­rea's his­to­ry. If the ho­me is lo­ca­ted in an a­rea stee­ped in his­to­ry, a co­as­tal a­rea or ru­ral en­vi­ron­ment, cu­s­to­ma­ry co­lours of the a­rea should be con­si­de­red. In co­as­tal en­vi­ron­ments, va­ri­ous blu­es are u­sed to mi­mic the co­lours of the o­ce­an. Ve­ry of­ten the na­tu­ral ha­bi­tat of cer­tain ge­o­graphi­cal a­re­as sur­roun­ding the ho­me will ha­ve a lar­ge in­flu­en­ce on how the ho­me should look and feel.

If you are not su­re a­bout a cer­tain co­lour, test se­ver­al s­wa­t­ches of the co­lour pa­let­te on a secti­on of the ho­me be­fo­re com­mit­ting. "Gi­ve the s­wa­t­ches a full day to dry and then view them in the mor­ning, noon and e­ve­ning, as the co­lours will ap­pear to be dif­fe­rent to­nes de­pen­ding on the ti­me of day.

This will gi­ve you the chan­ce to com­pa­re the shades to see which one you pre­fer," says Gos­lett.

W­hi­le the ho­me's sur­roun­dings will gi­ve you an i­dea of w­he­re to start, he says, e­ach ho­me is dif­fe­rent and w­hat works for one may not work for a­not­her. Be in­di­vi­du­al and let your ho­me be a re­flecti­on of your sty­le and per­so­na­li­ty.

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