How to be­co­me an e­sta­te a­gent in SA

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Are you so­meo­ne who lo­ves hel­ping ot­her pe­op­le? Do you ha­ve a po­si­ti­ve out­look, a good work e­thic, and lo­ve com­pe­ti­ti­on and wor­king in a te­am en­vi­ron­ment? The wor­ld of re­al e­sta­te could be the in­du­stry for you!

The re­al e­sta­te in­du­stry in South A­fri­ca of­fers the chan­ce to work and stu­dy at the sa­me ti­me. And, alt­hough the­re are no in­co­me gua­ran­tees, the e­ar­ning po­ten­ti­al of rook­ie e­sta­te a­gents far ex­ceeds w­hat t­hey mig­ht e­arn in ot­her en­try-le­vel or unskil­led po­si­ti­ons. In terms of the re­gu­la­ti­ons go­ver­ning the in­du­stry, you will need to com­ple­te a 12-month in­terns­hip un­der the su­per­vi­si­on of a ful­ly qua­li­fied a­gent. For­mal qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons that you need to com­ple­te are Furt­her E­du­ca­ti­on & Trai­ning (FET): Na­ti­o­nal Qu­a­li­fi­ca­ti­on Forum (NQF) Le­vel 4 Re­al E­sta­te and a Pro­fes­si­o­nal De­sig­na­ti­on Ex­am Le­vel 4 (PDE4) - and you can do the­se at the sa­me ti­me as your in­terns­hip.

C­le­ar­ly, the a­gen­cy you choo­se to do your in­terns­hip with is ex­tre­me­ly im­por­tant. Will it be a good le­ar­ning en­vi­ron­ment? Will you re­cei­ve sup­port within a well-con­structed in­terns­hip pro­gram­me? And look­ing a­he­ad, will you be a­ble to ri­se to the top of the pro­fes­si­on with this firm?

Paul S­te­vens, CEO of na­ti­o­nal mar­ket le­a­der Just Pro­per­ty, out­li­nes four key cri­te­ria for de­ter­mi­ning which pro­per­ty com­pa­ny to join:

C­re­a­ti­ve mind­set

First, ma­ke su­re the a­gen­cy exhi­bits a c­re­a­ti­ve mind­set - you don't want to be stuck in a bu­si­ness that is still doing t­hings the way t­hey al­ways ha­ve, sim­ply be­cau­se that's the way t­hey've al­ways do­ne them. Ti­mes chan­ge. Pe­op­le chan­ge. Choo­se an a­gen­cy that keeps in­tro­du­cing new met­ho­do­lo­gies and in­no­va­ti­ve pro­ducts to im­pro­ve their clients' and a­gents' ex­pe­rien­ce.

Up-to-da­te techno­lo­gy

Se­cond­ly, t­hey should ha­ve a strong fo­cus on tech for the ma­na­ge­ment and de­li­very of sa­les and ren­tal re­la­ted acti­vi­ties. The stan­dard of the tech will tell you a lot a­bout how much a firm va­lu­es its a­gents. "Look for an a­gen­cy that is a­gi­le in mind­set and o­pe­ra­ti­o­nal ca­pa­ci­ty," says S­te­vens, emp­ha­si­sing that strong he­ad of­fi­ce sup­port is es­sen­ti­al.

De­ve­lop­ment cul­tu­re

T­hi­rd­ly, says S­te­vens, re­mem­ber that your in­terns­hip is a le­ar­ning pe­ri­od, so try to find out if the a­gen­cy has a strong le­ar­ning and de­ve­lop­ment cul­tu­re. "Do t­hey of­fer a struc­tu­red new-hi­re on­bo­ar­ding pro­gram­me; do t­hey ha­ve a spe­ci­fic in­terns­hip pro­gram­me? A key in­di­ca­tor is w­het­her t­hey of­fer in­tern log­book trai­ning and men­tors­hip.

Fu­tu­re pro­spects

S­te­vens says that w­hen he went in­to pro­per­ty, one of the t­hings that at­trac­ted him to the in­du­stry was a fu­tu­re w­he­re he'd be his own boss.

"You may be an in­tern now, but w­he­re do you want to be in fi­ve, ten y­e­ars' ti­me? Is the fran­chi­see you're con­si­de­ring ves­ted in the success and hap­pi­ness of their a­gents? My o­ver-ri­ding pre­re­qui­si­te w­hen I be­ca­me an a­gent was that one day I'd be a­ble to buy my own fran­chi­se with the brand I joi­ned." He ad­vi­ses ap­pli­cants to ask a­bout such op­por­tu­ni­ties and lis­ten clo­se­ly to w­hat the fran­chi­see says a­bout the pa­rent com­pa­ny. Is the­re sup­port from their he­ad of­fi­ce al­ong with a sen­se of o­w­ners­hip and in­de­pen­den­ce?

"Most im­por­tant­ly, ask your­self: Is this a com­pa­ny that re­flects my va­lu­es; is this a firm that va­lu­es op­ti­mism, in­te­gri­ty, e­qua­li­ty, col­la­bo­ra­ti­on, ex­cel­len­ce in­no­va­ti­on, per­so­nal de­ve­lop­ment and loy­al­ty?"

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