XC60 gets 2017’s sa­fest car a­ward

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Vol­vo Cars’ all-new XC60 has been cro­w­ned the be­st per­for­ming lar­ge off-ro­a­der, and the car with the be­st o­ver­all per­for­man­ce of 2017 in the pres­ti­gi­ous Eu­ro NCAP 2017 Be­st in Class sa­fe­ty a­wards.

The XC60 sco­red a ne­ar-per­fect 98% in the a­dult occu­pant ca­te­go­ry and in the lar­ge off-ro­ad class sho­wed a cle­ar ad­van­ta­ge in the sa­fe­ty as­sist ca­te­go­ry with a sco­re of 95% - 20 per­cen­ta­ge points hig­her than the ne­a­rest com­pe­ti­tor.

“The new XC60 is one of the sa­fest Vol­vo cars e­ver ma­de,” says Ma­lin Ek­holm, vi­ce-pre­si­dent, Vol­vo Cars Sa­fe­ty Cen­t­re. “It is lo­a­ded with new techno­lo­gy de­sig­ned to as­sist dri­vers, to help pro­tect vehi­cle occu­pants and ot­her ro­ad u­sers, such as pe­de­stri­ans and cy­clis­ts and to mi­ti­ga­te col­li­si­on ris­ks. We are proud that our on­going com­mit­ment to in­no­va­ting new sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res has been re­cog­ni­sed with a­not­her Eu­ro NCAP Be­st in Class a­ward.”

The Eu­ro NCAP a­ward for the XC60 fol­lows in the tracks of the Vol­vo XC90, which in 2015 was al­so na­med the be­st per­for­ming lar­ge off-ro­a­der, and the car with the be­st o­ver­all per­for­man­ce that y­e­ar. The Vol­vo V40 is a­not­her pre­vi­ous Eu­ro NCAP win­ner in the small fa­mi­ly class.

“Our vi­si­on is that by 2020 no one should be kil­led or se­ri­ous­ly in­ju­red in a new Vol­vo car,” says Ek­holm. “The a­chie­vements of the XC60 are ex­am­ples of our com­mit­ment to de­ve­lo­ping the la­test sa­fe­ty and sup­port sy­s­tems as we stri­ve to­wards that vi­si­on.”

The XC60 al­so joins the S90 and V90 in ma­king his­to­ry for Vol­vo Cars as the first ma­nu­fac­tu­rer to hold all top three car ran­kings in Eu­ro NCAP’s au­to­no­mous e­mer­gen­cy bra­king (AEB) tes­ts - AEB Ci­ty, AEB In­terUr­ban and AEB Pe­de­stri­an. The three Vol­vo cars are the on­ly cars to ha­ve a­chie­ved per­fect sco­res in all three AEB ca­te­go­ries.

The S90 and V90 al­so sco­red highly at the Eu­ro NCAP 2017 Be­st in Class a­wards, a­chie­ving 95% in the a­dult occu­pant ca­te­go­ry and 93% in the sa­fe­ty as­sist ca­te­go­ry.

The new Vol­vo XC60 will ma­ke its de­but in South A­fri­ca in the thi­rd quar­ter of 2018.

The new Vol­vo XC60 - Bo­dy struc­tu­re

The new Vol­vo XC60

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