Kid-friend­ly ho­me de­cor

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Ha­ving child­ren chan­ges e­ver­y­thing – in­clu­ding how you de­co­ra­te your ho­me. To help you get star­ted, he­re are kid-friend­ly ho­me dé­cor tips…

From the mo­ment your ba­by starts cra­w­ling, child­ren chan­ge the way you de­co­ra­te your ho­me. Sud­den­ly you'll find your­self se­ar­ching for stain-re­sis­tant fa­bri­cs and fur­ni­tu­re with roun­ded cor­ners.

The good news is that ma­king your ho­me kid­friend­ly doe­sn't me­an you ha­ve to com­ple­te­ly chan­ge your sty­le and feel as though you are li­ving in a child­ren's play­room.

He­re are a few ways to cre­a­te a kid-friend­ly ho­me that still ticks all the sty­le boxes for a­dults:

C­limb the walls

If you ha­ve pre­ci­ous and bre­a­ka­ble or­na­ments on a per­fect­ly sty­led cof­fee ta­ble, it's ti­me to pick them up…

No, you don't ha­ve to hi­de them a­way. Inste­ad, in­stall wall shel­ves and you can still ha­ve your fa­vou­ri­te col­lecti­ons on dis­play, well out of your child­ren's re­ach.

Couch ti­me

An e­a­sy way to pro­tect cou­ches is with at­tracti­ve and e­a­sy-to-wash throws. Ho­we­ver, if you're in the mar­ket for new li­ving room fur­ni­tu­re, opt for so­fas co­ve­r­ed with stai­n­re­sis­tant fa­bri­cs, le­at­her or vinyl, which are all e­a­sy to cle­an.

Add so­me "fan­cy" to your li­ving room with scat­ter cus­hi­ons. It's an in­ex­pen­si­ve, child­friend­ly way to in­cor­po­ra­te co­lour, pat­tern, tex­tu­re and your gro­wn-up sty­le to a li­ving room.

In li­ne of sig­ht

If your child­ren u­su­al­ly play in the li­ving room, and you're sick of fal­ling o­ver their toys, it's ti­me to think a­bout so­me cle­ver toy stora­ge op­ti­ons. O­pen ba­s­kets in pat­ter­ned fa­bri­cs and we­a­ves are a gre­at op­ti­on. Ho­we­ver, if you don't want to look at toys on­ce the kids are in bed, look for stora­ge op­ti­ons li­ke stora­ge ot­to­mans and a cof­fee ta­ble with stora­ge, which will con­ce­al ted­dies and buil­ding blocks.

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