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Ja­guar is bro­a­de­ning the ap­pe­al of the new F-Ty­pe with the in­tro­ducti­on of the sta­te-oft­he-art, four-cy­lin­der In­ge­ni­um pe­trol en­gi­ne. The a­ward-win­ning F-Ty­pe fa­mi­ly now has a ran­ge from the en­try le­vel four-cy­lin­der mo­del to Ja­guar's 320km all-we­at­her su­per­car, the F-Ty­pe SVR.The pai­ring of Ja­guar's all-a­lu­mi­ni­um two-se­at sports car with the ad­van­ced 221kW, 2,0-lit­re tur­bo­char­ged po­wer­plant de­li­vers Ja­guar sports car per­for­man­ce with en­han­ced a­gi­li­ty and im­pro­ved ef­fi­cien­cy and af­for­da­bi­li­ty.

The new mo­del re­tains the per­for­man­ce ex­pected from the F-Ty­pe and has an of­fi­ci­al acce­le­ra­ti­on fi­gu­re of 0 to 100km and a top speed of 250km.

The tur­bo­char­ged en­gi­ne's high max­i­mum tor­que of 400Nm, ge­ne­ra­ted from just 1 500rpm, to­get­her with the eig­ht-speed Quicks­hift trans­mis­si­on, de­li­vers ex­cep­ti­o­nal re­spon­se throug­hout the rev ran­ge.

The 221kW In­ge­ni­um en­gi­ne is the most po­wer­ful four-cy­lin­der u­nit e­ver of­fe­red in a pro­ducti­on Ja­guar. At 110kW per lit­re, it al­so ge­ne­ra­tes the hig­hest spe­ci­fic po­wer out­put of any en­gi­ne in the F-Ty­pe ran­ge.

It al­so ma­kes this the most ef­fi­cient F-Ty­pe in the ran­ge, with of­fi­ci­al fi­gu­res clai­ming a 16% im­pro­vement in fu­el e­co­nomy o­ver the 250kW V6, to­get­her with CO² e­mis­si­ons of just 163g/km on the Eu­ro­pe­an com­bi­ned cy­cle.

"In­tro­du­cing our ad­van­ced four-cy­lin­der en­gi­ne to F-Ty­pe has cre­a­ted a vehi­cle with its own dis­tinct cha­rac­ter. Per­for­man­ce from an en­gi­ne of this si­ze is re­mar­ka­ble and is ba­lan­ced with im­pro­ved fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy and af­for­da­bi­li­ty, ma­king the F-Ty­pe ex­pe­rien­ce mo­re acces­si­ble than e­ver be­fo­re," says Ian Ho­ban, vehi­cle li­ne di­rec­tor of the F-Ty­pe.

A host of ad­van­ced techno­lo­gies e­na­ble the In­ge­ni­um en­gi­ne to de­li­ver this blend of high per­for­man­ce and low fu­el con­sump­ti­on.

Ne­at­ly in­te­gra­ted in­to the cy­lin­der he­ad is a sta­te-of-the-art e­lec­tro-hy­drau­lic val­vet­rain fe­a­tu­ring pa­ten­ted con­t­rol al­go­rithms de­ve­lo­ped in-hou­se. This techno­lo­gy e­na­bles ful­ly va­ri­a­ble con­t­rol of in­ta­ke val­ve lift for op­ti­mum po­wer, tor­que and ef­fi­cien­cy throug­hout the en­gi­ne's o­pe­ra­ting ran­ge.

Cool­ant flo­wing through the ma­ni­fold re­du­ces warm-up ti­mes and the­re­fo­re re­du­ces fu­el con­sump­ti­on and e­mis­si­ons. The de­sign pre­vents exhaust gas pul­sa­ti­on in­ter­fe­ren­ce, en­su­ring that the tur­bi­ne w­heel re­sponds quick­ly and boost pres­su­re is de­li­ver­ed ne­ar-in­stan­ta­ne­ous­ly, which ma­kes tur­bo lag al­most non-ex­is­tent.

The 200bar di­rect in­jecti­on sy­stem fe­a­tu­res cen­tral­ly moun­ted fu­el in­jec­tors. To­get­her with op­ti­mi­sed spray pat­terns, this helps to mi­ni­mi­se fu­el im­pin­ge­ment on the cy­lin­der walls and the pis­ton cro­wns, im­pro­ving ef­fi­cien­cy and re­du­cing e­mis­si­ons.

Li­ke all mem­bers of the In­ge­ni­um fa­mi­ly, the F-Ty­pes's 221kW po­wer­plant was de­sig­ned and de­ve­lo­ped in-hou­se. It is ma­nu­fac­tu­red in the UK at Ja­guar Land Ro­ver's R17-bil­li­on en­gi­ne ma­nu­fac­tu­ring cen­t­re. The en­gi­ne con­tri­bu­tes to an o­ver­all vehi­cle weig­ht re­ducti­on of 52kg - most of which is o­ver the front ax­le. This is key to the four-cy­lin­der F-Ty­pe's en­han­ced a­gi­li­ty.

The four-cy­lin­der does com­pro­mi­se on au­ral feed­back. A tu­ned acti­ve exhaust is s­tan­dard on en­try-le­vel F-Ty­pe mo­dels, whi­le the R-Dy­n­a­mic va­ri­ants fe­a­tu­re a swit­cha­ble acti­ve exhaust for a mo­re in­vol­ving dri­ving ex­pe­rien­ce.

"Most of the weig­ht re­ducti­on is o­ver the front ax­le, ma­king the car beau­ti­ful­ly ba­lan­ced and re­al­ly a­gi­le to dri­ve," said Erol Mus­ta­fa, chief pro­duct en­gi­neer of Ja­guar Sports Cars. "As you'd ex­pect, the car is re­al­ly at ho­me on twis­ty ro­ads. Cou­pled with a four-cy­lin­der exhaust no­te, this par­ti­cu­lar F-Ty­pe has a cha­rac­ter all of its own. I li­ke to think of it as the feis­ty youn­ger brot­her of the V6 and V8 mo­dels."

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