Ja­guar en­gi­ne lau­ded as one of 10 be­st in US

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Ja­guar Land Ro­ver’s 184kW 2,0-lit­re tur­bo char­ged, four-cy­lin­der In­ge­ni­um pe­trol en­gi­ne has been re­cog­ni­sed as one of the 10 be­st en­gi­nes for 2018 by WardsAu­to.

For 2018, a to­tal of 32 new or sig­ni­fi­cant­ly im­pro­ved po­wer­trains from a num­ber of au­to­mo­ti­ve ma­nu­fac­tu­rers we­re tes­ted by WardsAu­to’s e­di­tors in re­al-li­fe, on-ro­ad dri­ving con­di­ti­ons in De­troit.

Ja­guar and In­fi­ni­ty we­re the on­ly luxu­ry brands re­pre­sen­ted.

This ye­ar’s 10 be­st en­gi­nes we­re se­lected ba­sed on a ran­ge of tes­ting cri­te­ria in­clu­ding max­i­mum po­wer out­put, fu­el e­co­nomy, noi­se cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cs and new techno­lo­gy. Four e­lec­tric po­wer­trains are ho­nou­red for the first ti­me in one ye­ar. The all-a­lu­mi­ni­um In­ge­ni­um 2,0-lit­re tur­bo char­ged four-cy­lin­der pe­trol en­gi­ne de­li­vers per­for­man­ce, ef­fi­cien­cy and re­fi­ne­ment wit­hout com­pro­mi­se. Ja­guar’s first com­pact SUV, the E-PACE, is the la­test mo­del to fe­a­tu­re the 184kW In­ge­ni­um po­wer­train; acce­le­ra­ting from 0 to 100km in as litt­le as 6,6 se­conds and de­li­ve­ring fu­el e­co­nomy of up to 7,7 lit­res per ki­lo­me­t­re.

Nick Ro­gers, exe­cu­ti­ve di­rec­tor of pro­duct en­gi­neer­ing, said, “To be re­cog­ni­sed by WardsAu­to for cre­a­ting one of the be­st en­gi­nes for 2018 is a re­al ho­nour. Our fa­mi­ly of low-e­mis­si­on, four-cy­lin­der pe­trol and die­sel In­ge­ni­um en­gi­nes are so­me of the cle­a­nest in the wor­ld, sup­por­ting our com­mit­ment to re­du­ce vehi­cle e­mis­si­ons and im­pro­ve fu­el e­co­nomy. En­gi­nee­red to gi­ve the be­st dri­ving per­for­man­ce in all con­di­ti­ons, In­ge­ni­um en­gi­nes fe­a­tu­re ad­van­ced, ful­ly va­ri­a­ble val­ve train techno­lo­gy, com­bi­ned with a low-fricti­on tur­bo­char­ger, for en­han­ced re­spon­si­ve­ness and max­i­mum fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy.”

In­ge­ni­um en­gi­ne techno­lo­gy was first in­tro­du­ced in 2015 with the 2,0-lit­re four­cy­lin­der die­sel en­gi­ne. This was fol­lo­wed by the ad­van­ced pe­trol en­gi­nes en­te­ring pro­ducti­on in A­pril 2017.

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