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A dre­am re­si­den­ce (912m²) in a top neig­hbour­hood on a stand of 2 531m². S­pa­ci­ous and sty­lish with 18-inch thick walls, so­lid wooden floors, doors and an­ti­que sash win­dows. It has 6 be­drooms, 5 bathrooms, a lar­ge kit­chen, 3 li­ving a­re­as, a swim­ming pool and a big gar­den for ni­ce sum­mer days. This could be one of the most at­tracti­ve gu­est hou­ses on the Gar­den Rou­te. Mo­dern com­fort is cle­ver­ly and ex­pert­ly com­bi­ned with warm, co­sy old fe­a­tu­res. Au­to­ma­tic access ga­tes with a vi­deo in­ter­com. New e­lec­tri­cs and plum­bing, par­ti­al new roof and new gut­ters. Ex­ten­ded draina­ge sy­stem, wa­ter fil­ters, se­cu­ri­ty be­ams and a­larm sy­stem. Ad­dress: P­ri­ce: Re­al­tor:


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