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Re­si­dents of Pa­calts­dorp are con­cer­ned t­hat the­re a­ren’t e­nough po­li­ce or po­li­ce vehi­cles in the a­rea. A fu­ri­ous Jo­a­nie Vi­sa­gie-Jan­tjies, a com­mu­ni­ty wor­ker in the a­rea, told the George He­rald t­hat she and a­not­her man had to re­gu­la­te the traf­fic for at le­ast half an hour by them­sel­ves af­ter an ac­ci­dent in Mis­si­on Street o­ver the wee­kend. A Volks­wa­gen Jet­ta and a ma­roon O­pel Astra col­li­ded ne­ar the Pa­calts­dorp post of­fi­ce. The po­li­ce who i­ni­ti­al­ly ar­ri­ved, dro­ve off a­gain saying t­hey we­re going to send so­me­o­ne el­se. “T­his is u­naccep­ta­ble be­ha­vi­our for po­li­ce. The­re are on­ly four vehi­cles to ser­ve the w­ho­le of Pa­calts­dorp and it is com­ple­te­ly in­a­de­qua­te.” A 39-y­e­ar-old was ar­res­ted for dri­ving un­der the in­flu­en­ce and neg­li­gent dri­ving. No one was in­ju­red in the ac­ci­dent.

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