Ca­se of al­le­ged ra­pe pos­t­po­ned

George Herald - - NEWS - Zo­la­ni Sinxo

The ca­se of a man who stands accu­sed of ra­ping his de­af 18-y­e­ar-old cou­sin was pos­t­po­ned to F­ri­day 5 Au­gust by the George Ma­gi­stra­te's Court. The sus­pect ap­pea­red in court on T­hurs­day 13 Ju­ly, his se­cond ap­pea­ran­ce af­ter his ar­rest on 2 Ju­ne. At his first ap­pea­ran­ce, he cho­se to a­bandon his bail ap­pli­ca­ti­on. Ac­cor­ding to George Mu­ni­ci­pal Coun­cil­lor Lan­ga Lan­ga who lives in Bun­ga­low, the sa­me a­rea as the ra­pe victim, on F­ri­day 26 May the accu­sed took the victim to a shack in the a­rea w­he­re he ra­ped her. Lan­ga said the gi­rl ca­me back crying and told her mot­her w­hat had hap­pe­ned. At the sus­pect's first court ap­pea­ran­ce, re­si­dents of Bun­ga­low in T­hem­ba­let­hu pro­tes­ted out­si­de the court, de­man­ding t­hat the sus­pect re­mains in jail. Lan­ga said the re­si­dents pro­tes­ted be­cau­se t­hey are ti­red of the sus­pect's con­stant c­ri­mi­nal acti­vi­ties in the a­rea. "He has been a pro­blem, ter­ro­ri­sing the a­rea for a very long ti­me, but w­he­ne­ver he is ar­res­ted, he is out a­gain soon. We are hap­py t­hat he is ar­res­ted and I ho­pe the ma­gi­stra­te sends him to pri­son for a very long ti­me," said Lan­ga.

The ca­se was pos­t­po­ned for furt­her in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

He has been a pro­blem, ter­ro­ri­sing the a­rea for a very long ti­me.

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