‘Ar­ti’ is doing well at Ba­y­wor­ld O­ce­a­na­ri­um

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The young sub­an­tarctic fur se­al which cau­sed a stir last Wed­nes­day on the be­ach at He­rolds Bay is sa­fely en­scon­ced at Ba­y­wor­ld O­ce­a­na­ri­um in Port E­li­za­beth w­he­re he has been pla­ced on a spe­ci­al for­mu­la for pups. He is being kept in qua­ran­ti­ne for 30 to 40 days and will then be re­le­a­sed in­to the o­ce­an, said Lu­gi­sa­ni M­bhe­le, who has been ta­king ca­re of him. He e­ven ate two fishtails and is look­ing fit.

The pub was nick­na­med “Ar­ti” by one of the Mos­sel Bay Stran­ded Ma­ri­ne A­ni­mal Res­cue (Smart) vo­lun­teers who trans­por­ted him in her car from Mos­sel Bay on Sun­day. He had spent three days in the ca­re of Dr Frans Graaff of Har­ten­bos A­ni­mal cli­nic, get­ting his strength back. “It is not t­hat u­nu­su­al to find t­his spe­cies in South A­fri­can wa­ters,” said M­bhe­le. “The­re is a­not­her pub in qua­ran­ti­ne with us which is al­most re­a­dy to be re­le­a­sed.” T­he­se fur se­als are al­so found on the Rob­berg is­land in the bay of Mos­sel Bay. A sub­an­tarctic fur se­al (“Ed­ward F­lip­per­hand” as he was nick­na­med) was al­so found was­hed up on the be­ach on the Mui­zen­berg sho­re­li­ne on Sa­tur­day 22 Ju­ly. Ed­ward was ta­ken to the SPCA’s Gras­sy Park Wild­li­fe U­nit af­ter a con­cer­ned mem­ber of the pu­blic stum­bled upon the se­al pup.

Pho­to: Mi­chel­le Pie­naar

The sub­an­tarctic fur se­al “stran­ded” on the be­ach last week was nick­na­med “Ar­ti”by a Smart volunteer. It is sa­fe and will be re­le­a­sed back in­to the o­ce­an.

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