Hi­kers go hun­ting for snow in moun­tain

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Fi­ve ad­ven­tu­rous hi­kers from the Hi­kers Net­work hi­king club bra­ved the cold and rai­ny we­at­her on Sun­day 16 Ju­ly to ex­plo­re na­tu­re at its be­st.

T­hey we­re plan­ning to do just a ci­r­cu­lar rou­te at Wit­fon­tein, but w­hen all the hi­kers got to­get­her and saw the­re was snow on the moun­tain peaks, t­hey de­ci­ded "to­day is the day we hi­ke to see snow", as it does not hap­pen e­very day, es­pe­ci­al­ly not in the Ou­te­ni­qua moun­tains.

The group par­ked at the top of the Ou­te­ni­qua pass at the TV an­ten­na and then cros­sed the ro­ad and took the path he­a­ding to Ven­ster­berg moun­tain. Af­ter a steep c­limb and a­bout 1,5km of hi­king, t­hey fi­nal­ly re­a­ched the point w­he­re the snow was vi­si­ble. "It was tru­ly a­ma­zing, not a lot of snow but mo­re than e­nough. Our hands we­re free­zing and e­ver­y­thing was wet, but it was worth e­very step. Snow al­so fell du­ring the hi­ke, ma­king it an un­f­or­get­ta­ble walk," said Si­ne­ad Hat­tingh, the hi­ke le­a­der.

Snow al­so fell du­ring the hi­ke, ma­king it an un­f­or­get­ta­ble walk.

A long hi­ke on the Ou­te­ni­qua moun­tain broug­ht fi­ve hi­kers to a spot w­he­re t­hey could hand­le the snow. From left: Rei­nier Sny­man, Ti­nas­he Ny­ak­wen­de, Ka­ren Vor­ster and Si­ne­ad Hat­tingh (hi­ke le­a­der). The pho­to­grap­her mis­sing in the pic is Ru­dolf Hat­tingh.

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