Low rain­fall ex­pected to per­sist

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The low rain­fall con­di­ti­ons are ex­pected to per­sist du­ring the spring (Sep­tem­ber to No­vem­ber) in the southwes­tern parts of the coun­try, ac­cor­ding to a se­a­so­nal cli­ma­te wa­tch is­su­ed last week by the SA We­at­her Ser­vi­ce.

It re­com­mends that cur­rent droug­ht me­a­su­res con­ti­nue for the fo­re­see­a­ble fu­tu­re, gi­ven the cur­rent strain on wa­ter re­sour­ces in the southwes­tern parts of the coun­try and "see­mingly no sig­ni­fi­cant rain­fall acti­vi­ties du­ring spring".

The north-e­as­tern parts of the coun­try, ho­we­ver, ha­ve an in­cre­a­sed chan­ce for a­bo­ve­nor­mal rain­fall be­t­ween spring and la­te spring (Oc­to­ber to De­cem­ber). Tem­pe­ra­tu­res are ex­pected to be lar­ge­ly a­bo­ve nor­mal for most parts of the coun­try du­ring the spring and e­ar­ly sum­mer pe­ri­ods.

MM ur­ges pu­blic to con­ser­ve wa­ter

Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pal Ma­na­ger T­re­vor Bo­tha ex­pres­sed di­sap­point­ment a­bout the poor out­look.

"Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty and Coun­cil ur­ge ci­ti­zens - hou­se­holds and bu­si­nes­ses a­li­ke to con­ti­nue im­ple­menting all wa­ter-sa­ving me­a­su­res pos­si­ble."

He said ir­re­specti­ve of dam le­vels, the ci­ti­zens of Ge­or­ge and the Gar­den Rou­te s­hould con­si­der wa­ter con­ser­va­ti­on a per­ma­nent en­vi­ron­men­tal re­a­li­ty of an ex­pan­ding re­gi­on. "The ro­ad to­wards wa­ter re­stricti­on-free con­di­ti­ons is very long, and the droug­ht is far from bro­ken. In fact, we are as­king all ci­ti­zens to ma­ke wa­ter sa­ving a per­ma­nent part of their li­fe­sty­le. Our to­wn is gro­wing and wa­ter usa­ge will be im­pacted no mat­ter how ma­ny me­a­su­res we put in pla­ce. If we all want to keep li­ving he­re, we must all work to­wards the to­wn's wa­ter se­cu­ri­ty," he said.

Dam le­vel keeps fal­ling

The la­test dam le­vel re­le­a­sed by the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty y­e­ster­day, Wed­nes­day 6 Sep­tem­ber, is 42,5%. It fell by 0,81% from last week. Re­si­dents' dai­ly usa­ge is 28 me­ga­lit­res, still hig­her than the tar­get of

23 me­ga­lit­res. Fi­ve mont­hs of wa­ter is left at the cur­rent usa­ge.

Bo­tha ma­de a plea to re­si­dents to ad­he­re to ba­sic me­a­su­res such as not let­ting the tap run w­hi­le brus­hing your teeth, u­sing col­lected sho­wer and bath wa­ter to flush the toi­let, and checking all out­si­de and in­si­de taps for le­aks. "If do­ne col­lecti­ve­ly by all the ci­ti­zens of Ge­or­ge, it will ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce in the dai­ly wa­ter de­mand of the ci­ty."

Cur­rent­ly, Secti­on 2C re­stricti­ons are ap­pli­ca­ble and hou­se­holds are li­mi­ted to 15 ki­lo­lit­res per month. Gar­dens may on­ly be wa­te­red u­sing wa­te­ring cans or buc­kets, any ti­me of the day, and you may on­ly wash your car u­sing a buc­ket.

Re­port wa­ter le­aks, burst pi­pes and ot­her wa­ter-re­la­ted con­cerns to the Ci­vil En­gi­neer­ing De­part­ment on 044 801 9262 or af­ter hours on 044 801 6300. Con­tra­ven­ti­ons of wa­ter re­stricti­ons can be re­por­ted on

044 801 6350.

The ro­ad to­wards wa­ter re­stricti­on-free con­di­ti­ons is very long, and the droug­ht is far from bro­ken.

P­ho­to: A­li­da de Beer

The wa­ter of the Gar­den Rou­te Dam is re­ce­ding too fast. At re­si­dents’ cur­rent con­sump­ti­on ra­te, the­re is on­ly wa­ter for fi­ve mont­hs.

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