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Lo­cal bu­si­nes­sman and for­mer po­li­ti­ci­an Ro­w­land Londt (63) pas­sed a­way af­ter a short il­l­ness on Tu­es­day 5 Sep­tem­ber in the in­ten­si­ve ca­re u­nit of Me­di­cli­nic Ge­or­ge. S­hir­nae, Londt's el­dest daug­h­ter, said, "Our fat­her was lar­ger than li­fe. He had a pas­si­on and lo­ve for pe­op­le. He was a fa­mi­ly man who ga­ve us on­ly his be­st."

Londt was an en­tre­pre­neur and had va­ri­ous bu­si­nes­ses throug­hout the y­e­ars. His most re­cent bu­si­ness was an in­dus­tri­al laund­ry, Ge­or­ge F­resh Laund­ry (GFL), which he star­ted two y­e­ars ago.

He i­ni­ti­al­ly re­pre­sen­ted the De­mo­cra­tic Par­ty, the fo­re­run­ner to the DA, on the E­den Dis­trict Coun­cil until 2006, and then ser­ved on the Ge­or­ge Ci­ty Coun­cil as Spea­ker from 2006 to 2011.

He le­a­ves be­hind his wi­fe Ro­se­lin, child­ren S­hir­nae, Lu­cin­da and Ro­lan­da, mot­her Ma­ria I­re­ne, sis­ters He­at­her and Lin­da, and brot­her Eu­ge­ne.

The fu­ne­ral ser­vi­ce will ta­ke pla­ce at 08:00 on Sa­tur­day 9 Sep­tem­ber at the St Mark’s Cat­he­dral in York Street.

Ro­w­land Londt

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