Coun­cil­lor ta­kes up toi­let is­sue

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Da­vid Ma­cha­na, the si­te ma­na­ger of La Fan­cy Kay, the sa­ni­ta­ti­on com­pa­ny that re­cent­ly took o­ver the con­tract to ser­vi­ce the frees­tan­ding mo­bi­le toi­lets in the in­for­mal hou­sing a­re­as a­round Ge­or­ge, says he won­ders if their com­pa­ny has not been the victim of dir­ty tricks. “So­me­ti­mes, 10 mi­nu­tes af­ter the ho­ney suc­ker truck has emp­tied the se­wera­ge tank, it is full a­gain, and the com­mu­ni­ty is up in arms,” says Ma­cha­na.

La Fan­cy Kay has co­me un­der he­a­vy cri­ti­cism sin­ce ta­king o­ver the con­tract on 1 Au­gust, which in­clu­ded their pro­vi­si­on of new toi­lets. Cl­lr Vi­r­gil Ge­ric­ke of the PBI ta­bled a mo­ti­on at a S­pe­ci­al Coun­cil Meet­ing on T­hurs­day 24 Au­gust, stres­sing the he­alth risk fa­ced by the com­mu­ni­ty due to the toi­lets’ tanks not been emp­tied on ti­me.

“This non-per­for­man­ce by the ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der has re­sul­ted in se­wa­ge spills run­ning do­wn the streets, which is dan­ge­rous,” said Ge­ric­ke. All po­li­ti­cal par­ties u­na­ni­mous­ly agreed with Ge­ric­ke’s mo­ti­on.

Coun­cil­lors we­re pa­ci­fied w­hen S­te­ven Eras­mus, the di­rec­tor of Hu­man Sett­le­ments, said that the ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der had been pla­ced on terms for a se­cond ti­me. Af­ter the coun­cil meet­ing the Ge­or­ge He­rald was told by re­li­a­ble sour­ces that the con­tract with La Fan­cy Kay had been ter­mi­na­ted. This was de­nied by Mu­ni­ci­pal Ma­na­ger T­re­vor Bo­tha.

Ma­cha­na ad­mits that on Sa­tur­day 26 Au­gust he re­cei­ved a pho­ne call from K­ho­lo­fe­lo Ma­bi­lo, the o­w­ner of La Fan­cy Kay, saying that they must pack up as they had lost the con­tract. “On Mon­day 28 Au­gust I re­cei­ved a­not­her pho­ne call from her. She said all is sor­ted out and the new toi­lets from Lim­po­po are on the way.”

Ge­ric­ke says that the Hu­man Sett­le­ments De­part­ment has fai­led the pe­op­le. “The of­fi­ci­als s­hould ha­ve mo­ni­to­red the new ser­vi­ce pro­vi­der and pic­ked up on the pro­blem. That is their job. It is just as well cer­tain coun­cil­lors ha­ve their ear to the ground and act w­hen the com­mu­ni­ty cries out for help.”

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