Hund­reds at P­he­lop­he­pa Train

George Herald - - NEWS - My­ron Ra­bi­no­witz

Very e­ar­ly Mon­day mor­ning, the staff of the P­he­lop­he­pa He­alt­hca­re Train par­ked at the Ge­or­ge rai­l­way sta­ti­on we­re greeted by clients who had ar­ri­ved du­ring the nig­ht to en­s­u­re that they we­re first in the queue for the he­alth ser­vi­ces of­fe­red by the train.

The train is fit­ted with nu­me­rous cli­ni­cs in­clu­ding den­ti­stry, op­to­me­try and ge­ne­ral me­di­cal and psy­cho­lo­gi­cal ser­vi­ces, in which a host of ai­l­ments can be tes­ted and tre­a­ted.

Pa­trick K­gap­ho­la, the train ma­na­ger, said he is very hap­py with the ground work that was do­ne in Ge­or­ge and the sur­roun­ding a­re­as. "Our out­re­ach cam­paign to the com­mu­ni­ties has been very ef­fecti­ve. The P­he­lop­he­pa staff al­so go out to old age ho­mes and pri­ma­ry schools to ren­der the ser­vi­ces of­fe­red on the train."

The eye and den­tal cli­ni­cs are the most po­pu­lar with the pu­blic. Coun­sel­ling and psy­cho­lo­gy ser­vi­ces to in­di­vi­du­als and works­hops to help co­pe with stress, a­bu­se, con­flict, de­ath, pa­ren­ting and wor­king through e­mo­ti­ons are al­so a­vai­la­ble.

The P­he­lop­he­pa Train of ho­pe was esta­blis­hed in 1994, o­pe­ra­ting as a mo­bi­le eye cli­nic.

The fol­lo­wing y­e­ar the need for wi­der pri­ma­ry he­alth ca­re was re­cog­ni­sed and a mo­re com­pre­hen­si­ve ar­ray of he­alth ca­re ser­vi­ces we­re ad­ded. E­ach of the cli­ni­cs on the train has a de­di­ca­ted car­ria­ge that has been spe­ci­fi­cal­ly de­sig­ned to meet its needs.

Our out­re­ach cam­paign to the com­mu­ni­ties has been very ef­fecti­ve.

Pho­to: My­ron Ra­bi­no­witz

Mer­cia Drag­hoen­der (left), port­fo­lio coun­cil­lor for Com­mu­ni­ty De­ve­lop­ment, and the P­he­lop­he­pa train ma­na­ger, Pa­trick K­gap­ho­la, out­si­de the psy­cho­lo­gy co­ach cli­nic. K­gap­ho­la said the psy­cho­lo­gy u­nit on the train is un­de­ru­ti­li­sed.

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