In­di­ge­nous trees plan­ted for Ar­bour Day

George Herald - - ARBOUR WEEK -

To ce­le­bra­te Ar­bour day, staff of the Gar­den Rou­te Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den (GRBG) fa­ci­li­ta­ted the plan­ting of trees in Blan­co Gol­den Val­ley To­wns­hip, in T­hem­ba­let­hu, and al­so in the gar­den it­self.

The Blan­co tree plan­ting pro­ject took pla­ce in part­ners­hip with the Blan­co Dutch Re­for­med c­hurch, with c­hurch mem­bers and re­si­dents plan­ting 13 trees in the Gol­den Val­ley to­wns­hip.

The pro­jects in the Gar­den Rou­te Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den and in T­hem­ba­let­hu w­he­re spon­so­red by Au­re­con.

They spon­so­red 12 trees (in­clu­ding la­bour and soil-en­ri­ching pro­ducts for e­ach): six for the GRBG and six for the six gra­de 6-clas­ses of T­hem­ba­let­hu Pri­ma­ry. At the Blan­co and T­hem­ba­let­hu pri­ma­ry schools, GRBG Ma­na­ger Klaus Shro­der and his in­tern Finn Rau­ten­bach ga­ve en­vi­ron­men­tal talks a­bout the im­por­tan­ce of trees and how to ca­re for them, which was fol­lo­wed by a joint plan­ting ses­si­on.

“All pro­jects we­re un­der­ta­ken with the agreement that the re­ci­pients ca­re for and keep the do­na­ted tree a­li­ve for a y­e­ar so that we will re­turn to plant a­not­her tree with them next y­e­ar,” said Shro­der.

The GRBG, si­tu­a­ted at 49 Ca­le­don S­treet, Ge­or­ge, has a nur­se­ry with flo­we­ring sh­rubs and ground co­vers that are in­di­ge­nous and thus a gre­at way to add to the va­ri­e­ty in your gar­den.

The plant sa­les are a way for the gar­den to sus­tain it­self fi­nan­ci­al­ly.

A lucky num­ber of 13 trees we­re plan­ted in ho­nour of Ar­bour day in Gol­den Val­ley w­he­re re­si­dents pro­mi­sed to ta­ke o­w­ners­hip and to nur­tu­re

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