Two do­wn, six mo­re to go!

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C­licko­nit Ca­res ma­de good use of Ca­su­al Day and rai­sed R4 025,80 of their R50 000 tar­get to buy eig­ht w­heel­chairs for di­sa­bled per­sons in the lo­cal com­mu­ni­ty. Wil­ma Ra­de­man of C­licko­nit, a lo­cal mar­ke­ting com­pa­ny, says the need of the di­sa­bled in Ge­or­ge has been weig­hing he­a­vi­ly on their he­arts. “We are rai­sing funds for eig­ht w­heel­chairs for young and old. W­hat a gre­at op­por­tu­ni­ty Ca­su­al Day was! We we­re bles­sed to rai­se o­ver R4 000, but still need to rai­se R45 974,20 to re­ach our go­al. This is our mis­si­on for the month of Sep­tem­ber and we won’t stop until we re­ach our tar­get. We thank e­ver­yo­ne who con­tri­bu­ted and sup­por­ted us on F­ri­day 1 Sep­tem­ber.”

The first two w­heel­chairs we­re han­ded to Va­le­rie Fry and Han­nie Ham­man on 7 Sep­tem­ber.

E­very y­e­ar C­licko­nit Ca­res dri­ves the “S­kud die B­lik” pro­ject as part of Ca­su­al Day. They aim to re­ach their R50 000 tar­get through do­na­ti­ons from lo­cal bu­si­nes­ses and by col­lecting from the pu­blic.

Ra­de­man than­ked their te­am of “B­lik­skud­ders” for their com­mit­ment and de­di­ca­ti­on. “We shall do it, can do it and we will ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce,” she vows. Con­tact her on 082 565 9617 to con­tri­bu­te.

Va­le­rie Fry was the se­cond be­ne­fi­ci­a­ry of the C­licko­nit Ca­res Ca­su­al Day fun­drai­ser. From left are Jen­ny Ra­de­man, Wil­ma Ra­de­man, Va­le­ry Fry with her be­lo­ved dog and cl­lr Sean Sny­man.

The 92-y­e­ar-old Han­nie Ham­man was e­la­ted with her new w­heel­chair. From front left: Jen­ny Ra­de­man, Han­nie Ham­man and Wil­ma Ra­de­man. Stan­ding: Sean Sny­man and Au­brey Aspe­ling.

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