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Fai­r­hill E­sta­te, a 21ha farm bor­de­ring We­st­ford Bridge E­sta­te and si­tu­a­ted on a tar ro­ad 0,5km from the N2, is to be sold by ten­der in Oc­to­ber.

This s­pe­ci­al pro­per­ty en­joys bre­at­hta­king views o­ver Knys­na, the la­goon, Si­mo­la and the Knys­na ri­ver, with the mag­ni­fi­cent Ou­te­ni­qua Moun­tains ser­ving as a fit­ting back­drop.

The main hou­se was bad­ly da­ma­ged du­ring the re­cent Knys­na fi­re and will ha­ve to be re­built. The pro­per­ty is ser­vi­ced by E­s­kom po­wer and has its own wa­ter.

Fai­r­hill Lod­ge, built in 1991, is a cu­te cot­ta­ge me­a­su­ring 130m2; it con­tains an o­pen-plan li­ving a­rea, two be­drooms, a bathroom, stu­dy, guest toi­let, co­ve­r­ed stoep with beau­ti­ful views and a car­port.

The farm lies within the ur­ban ed­ge of Knys­na, with pos­si­ble po­ten­ti­al for re­zo­ning and de­ve­lop­ment, ma­king this an i­de­al op­por­tu­ni­ty for buil­ders or de­ve­lo­pers.

Kyn­sna suf­fe­red hu­ge da­ma­ge in the re­cent fi­re but is fast on its way to re­co­ve­ry. W­hi­le the fi­re was de­va­sta­ting, the sen­se of com­mu­ni­ty and the spi­rit that de­ve­lo­ped a­mong the people in the re­gi­on is un­pre­ce­den­ted.

Knys­na is on the N2 a­bout fi­ve hours’ dri­ve from Ca­pe Town and forms the hub of the re­gi­on, es­pe­ci­al­ly du­ring sum­mer.

Wil­lie van Rens­burg of BKB Pro­per­ties says this is an excellent pro­per­ty. “It is

It is c­lo­se to the town of Knys­na, ma­king it both a fan­tas­tic com­mer­ci­al and a li­fe­sty­le op­por­tu­ni­ty.

c­lo­se to the town of Knys­na, ma­king it both a fan­tas­tic com­mer­ci­al and a li­fe­sty­le op­por­tu­ni­ty.

“Knys­na is re­buil­ding at a ra­pid ra­te, o­pe­ning up ma­ny op­por­tu­ni­ties in this po­pu­lar re­gi­on of the Wes­tern Ca­pe.” Vie­wing is by ap­point­ment on­ly.

Ten­der do­cu­ments are a­vai­la­ble from BKB Pro­per­ties, Ce­ci­lia Squa­re, 100 Ce­ci­lia S­treet, Paarl. The fi­nal da­te for sub­mit­ting ten­ders is F­ri­day 6 Oc­to­ber at 12:00.

Ten­ders will be o­pe­ned at 12:15 on the sa­me day.

Con­tact Al­bie Loub­ser on

082 573 9902, Wil­lie van Rens­burg on 083 261 7641, Ni­co Louw on 082 899 8783, or e-mail wil­lie.van­rens­ or vi­sit

The bre­at­hta­king view o­ver Knys­na from the Fai­r­hill E­sta­te.

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