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The his­to­ric Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re is un­der­going re­no­va­ti­ons. At pre­sent on­ly the Back Sta­ge Loun­ge ve­nue of the the­a­t­re is a­vai­la­ble for book­ings for ca­ba­ret ty­pe li­ve per­for­man­ces and pri­va­te functi­ons.

Re­no­va­ti­ons in the au­di­to­ri­um, sta­ge and dres­sing rooms star­ted on Mon­day. The chairs ha­ve been re­mo­ved and will be reup­hol­ste­red and pain­ted.

The­a­t­re Ma­na­ger He­at­her Ste­ad is ex­ci­ted a­bout the finds they ma­de du­ring the re­mo­val pro­cess.

"We found a few won­der­ful sur­pri­ses li­ke Ca­pe Per­for­ming Arts Bo­ard The­a­t­re tic­kets from 1967 and Arts The­a­t­re tic­kets from the 1970s that we­re stuck inside the se­ats. Does a­nyo­ne re­mem­ber w­hen the Arts The­a­t­re tic­kets we­re 40c or 50c? We would lo­ve to know. Oak­hurst will be fra­ming them to put up at the the­a­t­re. Lots of old pos­ters will al­so be fra­med to put up in the ne­w­ly re­no­va­ted dres­sing rooms."

"We are lucky to be spon­so­red by Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce, who al­so spon­so­red our pre­vi­ous re­no­va­ti­ons in 2014. This la­test re­no­va­ti­on is long o­ver­due, and we tru­ly ap­pre­ci­a­te their spon­sors­hip. The Ge­or­ge So­cie­ty of Arts is a non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on and can­not af­ford the­se re­no­va­ti­ons. We ho­pe this will last for the next 20 y­e­ars!"

Cos­tu­me hi­re

Cos­tu­mes can still be hi­red for all sorts of oc­ca­si­ons from the the­a­t­re's war­dro­be secti­on, which is o­pen on Mon­days, Wed­nes­days and F­ri­days from 13:00 to 15:00.


The the­a­t­re will ce­le­bra­te the re­no­va­ti­ons with a mem­bers' e­ve­ning on F­ri­day 27 Oc­to­ber and Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce will host a re­o­pe­ning Ga­la E­ve­ning on 4 No­vem­ber.

The Back Sta­ge Loun­ge Cof­fee and wi­ne bar is still a­vai­la­ble for all ty­pes of functi­ons and can be book­ed by pho­ning Jo­lien Saai­man on 044 874 3142.

Pho­to: Pau­li­ne Lou­rens

Exo­tic cos­tu­mes suit­a­ble for fan­cy dress oc­ca­si­ons and posh functi­ons can be hi­red from the war­dro­be secti­on of the Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce Ge­or­ge Arts The­a­t­re. Jo­lien Saai­man and Ro­se­ma­ry Pe­ter­sen are t­he­re to as­sist.

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