U­ni­forms sto­len from foot­ball club

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Ge­or­ge U­ni­ted Foot­ball Club's u.17 te­am will be playing in Ca­pe Town wit­hout their u­ni­forms t­his wee­kend. Their u­ni­forms we­re sto­len o­ver the long wee­kend from the Wen­dy hou­se in Rooi­ri­vier­rif that ser­ves as a club hou­se.

"Most of our u­ni­forms and trophies we­re sto­len, al­ong with so­me do­cu­men­ta­ti­on. We are ma­king a list of all the sto­len i­tems be­fo­re we re­port it to the po­li­ce," Die­ter van Roon-Gif­ford, vi­ce-chair­man of the club, said y­e­ster­day mor­ning.

Ac­cor­ding to Van Roon-Gif­ford the in­ci­dent must ha­ve occur­red o­ver the wee­kend. "We on­ly found out a­bout it on Tu­es­day w­hen so­me of our mem­bers went for practi­ce." Roon-Gif­ford said that from w­hat they could see, the bur­glars must ha­ve clim­bed o­ver the bar­bed wi­re fen­ce and en­te­red through a ho­le they ma­de in the club hou­se's wooden wall. The club fo­cu­ses gre­at­ly on de­ve­lo­ping soccer in Ge­or­ge and an in­ci­dent li­ke t­his is a sub­stan­ti­al set­back. Should anyo­ne re­cog­ni­se the u­ni­forms in the p­ho­to, or ha­ve any in­for­ma­ti­on re­gar­ding the in­ci­dent, they can con­tact the club chair­man, B­ren­dan Wil­li­ams on

072 688 6745.

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