Bar­gain plants and barks in the park

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An Oc­to­ber s­pring plant sa­le will be held at the nur­se­ry at the Gar­den Rou­te Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den (GRBG) on F­ri­day

6 and Sa­tur­day 7 Oc­to­ber.

In­di­ge­nous trees and co­lour­ful s­pring plants can be pur­cha­sed now that gar­de­ners ha­ve ta­ken he­art af­ter the re­cent rains.

Sh­rubs, ground co­vers, succu­lents, al­oes, wa­ter plants and herbs will be on sa­le. T­his is in ad­di­ti­on to a wi­de se­lecti­on of fyn­bos plants. Bo­ta­ni­cal books and cards will be a­vai­la­ble at spe­ci­al pri­ces. In be­t­ween wa­t­ching the SPCA 'Bark in the Park", you can re­lax at Ge­ta­fix Gar­den Café with de­li­ci­ous cof­fee and a lig­ht me­al.

Bark in the Park

The an­nu­al SPCA Bark in the Park is a walk in the gar­den for o­w­ners and their dogs and a fun dog show.

En­tran­ce fee is R5 per paw or foot. Re­gis­tra­ti­on is on Sa­tur­day 7 Oc­to­ber from 08:00 in the Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den, ne­ar Ge­ta­fix Café. The walk starts at 09:00. Hu­mans are re­que­sted to we­ar so­mething de­picting an a­ni­mal such as a hat, shirt or brooch to ce­le­bra­te A­ni­mal Week.

Nur­se­ry hours for the sa­le are from 08:00 until 17:00 on F­ri­day and from 08:00 till 14:00 on Sa­tur­day.

The GRBG is si­tu­a­ted at 49 Ca­le­don Street in Ge­or­ge. For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on con­tact Fa­dia on 044 874 1558 or in­fo@ bo­ta­ni­cal­gar­

Get your in­di­ge­nous wa­ter-wi­se plants at sa­le pri­ces at the GRBG’s nur­se­ry 6 and 7 Oc­to­ber. The pro­ceeds of the sa­le will bol­ster the funds of the GRBG.

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