Ge­or­gi­ans ha­ve their say on Ha­wt­horn­de­ne

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Ge­or­gi­ans are ho­ping that w­hen the old Ha­wt­horn­de­ne Ho­tel, ad­ja­cent flats and pri­me land goes on sa­le on F­ri­day 29 Sep­tem­ber, all trou­bles that ha­ve been plag­uing t­his pro­per­ty will gra­du­al­ly di­sap­pear. The ho­tel, an­nexu­res and 10 000m2 of land are un­doub­ted­ly va­lu­a­ble and in gre­at de­mand.

The Ge­or­ge He­rald’s on-li­ne sto­ry a fort­nig­ht ago e­li­ci­ted Fa­ce­book com­ments with sug­ges­ti­ons ran­ging from cal­ling in ghost bus­ters, to the wish that the fa­mi­lies who ha­ve been li­ving the­re il­le­gal­ly for ma­ny y­e­ars be dis­pen­sed with a­mi­ca­bly. Ka­ty Booy­sen sug­ge­sted that the el­der­ly folk be mo­ved to a re­ti­re­ment vil­la­ge w­he­re u­nem­ploy­ed gra­du­a­tes can look af­ter them.

Hard ti­mes

Whi­le most of the pe­op­le li­ving in the ad­joi­ning flats are me­re­ly folk who ha­ve fal­len on hard ti­mes, the­re we­re at one ti­me har­de­ned cri­mi­nals li­ving in the ho­tel’s main buil­ding, and thus the pro­per­ty be­ca­me a bo­ne of con­ten­ti­on.

The pro­per­ty suf­fe­red ex­ten­si­ve fi­re da­ma­ge on 2 Ju­ly 2016, which re­sul­ted in a col­lap­se of the roof and walls. So­me Ge­or­gi­ans took an i­ro­nic stan­ce, li­ke Hans van Gin­kel who com­men­ted so­mew­hat dry­ly, “P­re­su­ma­bly the­se pe­op­le can on­ly be mo­ved on­ce the aut­ho­ri­ties find f­ree, al­ter­na­ti­ve ac­com­mo­da­ti­on for them. Wel­co­me to DA/ANC and EFF he­a­ven.”

Di­ver­se com­ments

Mar­le­ne Ju­lyon said, “Good luck to the buy­er. You are get­ting pe­op­le al­ong with the sa­le”. A­not­her re­a­der said the squat­ters will ha­ve to buzz off. Com­menting on the mu­ni­ci­pal va­lu­a­ti­on of the pro­per­ty which at one ti­me stood at R2,6mil­li­on, Al­lanChris Jon­aan said, “It’s a bar­gain.” Li­sa Mein­tjies sug­ge­sted that ac­com­mo­da­ti­on for young pe­op­le be es­ta­blis­hed on the pro­per­ty.


The sa­le by aucti­on is at the in­structi­on of Ma­zars and KPMG, the joint li­qui­da­tors of Nat­ser­ve De­ve­lop­ments (Pty) Ltd and Pluscor Six (Pty) Ltd. It will be con­ducted by Van Rens­burg Aucti­ons at their pre­mi­ses in Tam­sui In­dus­tri­al.


Alt­hough the old buil­ding may ha­ve to be part­ly de­mo­lis­hed, the ex­ten­si­ve land with 2 600m2 of buil­dings is un­doub­ted­ly a hu­ge dra­w­card. One wo­man, who is in a me­di­cal field, said she thoug­ht it would be an ex­cel­lent pla­ce for the Me­di­cli­nic to be po­si­ti­o­ned. She said, “The flats could ser­ve as con­sulting rooms and the buy­er could a­cqui­re the land be­hind the Ha­wt­horn­de­ne, which be­longs to the Ge­or­ge Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty - who would then ha­ve an in­cen­ti­ve to con­so­li­da­te and speed up the re­zo­ning ap­pli­ca­ti­on.”

To see mo­re com­ments, go to­or­ge­he­rald. com/News/Ar­ti­cle/Bu­si­ness/ ha­wt­horn­de­ne-ho­tel-for-aucti­on­a­gain-20170913. See mo­re pho­tos on the on­li­ne p­ho­to gal­le­ry.

One wo­man, who is in a me­di­cal field, said she thoug­ht it would be an ex­cel­lent pla­ce for the Me­di­cli­nic to be po­si­ti­o­ned.

The Ha­wt­horn­de­ne Ho­tel with its ad­joi­ning flats and pri­me land is going un­der the aucti­on ham­mer on F­ri­day 29 Sep­tem­ber at Van Rens­burg’s pre­mi­ses in Tam­sui.

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