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is of cour­se our neig­hbou­ring twin ga­laxy, a­bout 2,3-mil­li­on lig­ht y­e­ars a­way and the re­mo­test ob­ject vi­si­ble to the na­ked eye.

S­cor­pi­us is set­ting, he­a­ding do­wn­wards to the ho­ri­zon in the west, with the red su­per­gi­ant star An­ta­res, the “He­art of the S­cor­pi­on”, cle­ar­ly vi­si­ble and the rin­ged pla­net Sa­turn vi­si­ble to the up­per rig­ht. To the south the Sout­hern Cross and the Poin­ters are now low a­bo­ve the ho­ri­zon. A­way from ci­ty lig­hts, t­his is a good ti­me to see our ne­a­rest neig­hbou­ring ga­lax­ies, the Lar­ge and Small Ma­gel­la­nic Clouds. Look high up a­bo­ve the cross and you should see two small fuz­zy pa­t­ches.

An arc stret­ching from the sout­he­ast to the northwest con­tains fi­ve brig­ht stars star­ting with Ca­no­pus, or Na­ka, the Horn Star, low in the sout­he­ast, fol­lo­wed by A­cher­nar half­way up in the sout­he­ast, Fo­mal­hout al­most o­ver­he­ad, then Al­tair, and en­ding with Ve­ga very low a­bo­ve the north-we­stern ho­ri­zon. To the rig­ht (east) of Ve­ga is

Cyg­nus the S­wan and a litt­le furt­her east is the Gre­at S­qua­re of Pe­ga­sus (men­ti­o­ned a­bo­ve).

The mor­ning sky is now do­mi­na­ted by the beau­ti­ful con­stel­la­ti­on of O­ri­on, which is high up in the north. To the lo­wer rig­ht (east) are the twins in Ge­mi­ni, Cas­tor and Pol­lux. The red su­per­gi­ant star Be­tel­geu­se is cle­ar­ly vi­si­ble on the lo­wer rig­ht of O­ri­on and forms the Gre­at Sout­hern T­ri­angle with Si­ri­us, the Dog Star, and Pro­cyon, the Litt­le Dog. i­siLi­me­la and the o­pen clus­ter of the Hy­a­des are vi­si­ble to the lo­wer left (west) of O­ri­on.

T­his lo­ve­ly tran­quil and con­tem­pla­ti­ve i­ma­ge was ta­ken ne­ar the Hu­a­ca­chi­na o­a­sis in the southwes­tern de­sert of Pe­ru. It shows Ve­nus and the Moon be­ne­ath the arc of the Mil­ky Way - a sig­ht we could ex­pe­rien­ce on our be­a­ches too.

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