San­ral can­not ex­pect to get much sym­pathy

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Nick Vil­joen wri­tes:

It is with a­mu­se­ment and dis­be­lief that I re­ad the ar­ti­cle a­bout San­ral's bid for sym­pathy, Au­to­de­a­ler 21/9, Pa­ge 19. "In the eup­ho­ria of the WC 2010 ...... no­bo­dy as­ked who would pay for the­se won­der­ful free­ways." La­ter in the ar­ti­cle Vu­si Mo­na sta­tes, "If it is to be fun­ded by the ci­ti­zens, ci­ti­zens must see the plan and how much it will cost, and must li­ke the in­fra­struc­tu­re".

My un­der­stan­ding is that we ha­ve a fu­el le­vy to build and main­tain ro­ad in­fra­struc­tu­re. So, w­hen San­ral went a­he­ad with the con­structi­on of the "won­der­ful free­ways", they did not con­sult with the "ci­ti­zens" nor did they tell the "ci­ti­zens" that the bil­li­ons they pay in fu­el le­vies for ro­ads are being pil­fe­red and sto­len for e­ver­y­thing BUT ro­ads and they will ha­ve to pay A­GAIN for the ro­ads, etc. that they had al­re­a­dy paid for.

Did San­ral stop to con­sult with the “ci­ti­zens” be­fo­re con­structi­on and e­ven du­ring con­structi­on w­hen they then al­re­a­dy knew that the­re is re­sis­tan­ce to e-tolls?

No! They just went a­he­ad.

The po­li­ti­cal­ly con­nected, the cor­rupt set them­sel­ves in jobs that pay e­nor­mous sa­la­ries, mil­li­on-rand cars, flig­hts all o­ver the wor­ld and ex­tra­va­gant lun­ches and functi­ons.

Dit gaan net te lek­ka.

No pro­blem com­ra­de. The tax­pay­ers will cough up.

T­his bus could not stop. It was just picking up speed.

As far as "the eup­ho­ria of the WC" is con­cer­ned, well, we now know it was boug­ht for R10-mil­li­on.

Tax­pay­ers' mo­ney. Mo­ney that could ha­ve been u­sed for hou­sing.


No man, the­re is al­re­a­dy o­kes get­ting kick­backs from that!

They do not need hou­ses!

They need soccer!

Furt­her­mo­re the ar­ti­cle sta­tes that Mr A­lex van Nie­kerk said the fol­lo­wing: "They ha­ve suf­fi­cient mo­ney to main­tain it, but not for furt­her de­ve­lop­ment".

I put it to all in­vol­ved at San­ral that if you cut back on ex­pen­di­tu­re and the fat pa­ra­si­tic sa­la­ries and perks you get (not e­arn), then the­re will be e­nough to do w­hat needs doing.

Al­so get rid of de­ad wood and un­qua­li­fied per­sons. Rig­ht from the TOP.

The­re is e­nough mo­ney from the fu­el, which is the most ex­pen­si­ve and most taxed on t­his con­ti­nent.

"It ta­kes R100-150-mil­li­on to build one ki­lo­me­t­re of free­way, in­clu­ding the pur­cha­se or the land."


W­hat land needs to be pur­cha­sed and how of­ten? Most of the free­ways nee­ded can be built on land al­re­a­dy o­w­ned by the go­vern­ment.

So ple­a­se stop all t­his non­sen­se and FILL YER BOOTS MAN. - Let­ter shor­te­ned. Ed

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