I­fa­fa li­ly i­de­al con­tai­ner plant

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The I­fa­fa li­ly (Cyr­tant­hus mac­ke­nii) is a won­der­ful con­tai­ner plant for the shade. Cyr­tant­hus is a ge­nus of a­bout 60 spe­cies of which 50 are found in South A­fri­ca.

In na­tu­re they are found in a va­ri­e­ty of ha­bi­tats ran­ging from fo­re­sts to co­as­tal du­nes. They al­so grow in the Dra­kens­berg moun­tain of K­waZu­lu-Na­tal. The ge­nus na­me Cyr­tant­hus re­fers to the cur­ved flo­wer tu­be of ma­ny of the spe­cies and co­mes from the G­reek kyr­tos (cur­ved) and ant­hos (flo­wer).


The I­fa­fa li­ly is a char­ming, sweet­ly scen­ted plant a­bout 40cm tall that is e­a­sy to grow and very re­war­ding. Plant in lig­ht shade, i­de­al­ly with mor­ning sun and af­ter­noon shade, in com­post-en­ri­ched but well-drai­ned soil and pro­vi­de re­gu­lar wa­te­ring. The flo­wers are long and nar­row with re-cur­ved tips and nar­row lan­ce-shaped le­a­ves. They ha­ve a long flo­we­ring pe­ri­od and ma­ke good cut flo­wers for the va­se. Le­a­ve un­dis­tur­bed to form lar­ge clumps for at le­ast 5 y­e­ars or until flo­we­ring di­mi­nis­hes. Wa­tch out for the dre­a­ded li­ly bo­rer which can be a pro­blem in sum­mer and should be tre­a­ted with a car­ba­ryl-ba­sed in­secti­ci­de. The nur­se­ry at the Gar­den Rou­te Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den stocks a wi­de ran­ge of in­di­ge­nous trees and plants and is si­tu­a­ted at 49 Ca­le­don Street in Ge­or­ge. The nur­se­ry is o­pen dai­ly from 08:30 to 16:00 from Mon­day to F­ri­day and from 09:00 to 13:00 e­very Sa­tur­day mor­ning. For en­qui­ries con­tact Fa­dia on 044 874 1558 or in­fo@bo­ta­ni­cal­gar­den.org.za.

The I­fa­fa li­ly can be boug­ht from the Gar­den Rou­te Bo­ta­ni­cal Gar­den’s nur­se­ry, w­he­re a va­ri­e­ty of in­di­ge­nous plants are sold to help fund the gar­den’s acti­vi­ties.

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