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Exe­r­ci­se is one of the ways to im­pro­ve your phy­si­cal wel­l­being and it aids in gre­at me­a­su­re to get rid of ai­l­ments, a­ches and pains. Fol­low the exe­r­ci­se pro­gram­me pro­vi­ded by the bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cis­ts at A­ni­ne van der West­hui­zen Bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cist in Ge­or­ge and feel the dif­fe­ren­ce. T­his week bi­o­ki­ne­ti­cist La­na Laub­scher pro­vi­des a­not­her exe­r­ci­se for arm and c­hest muscles.

The na­me of t­his exe­r­ci­se pret­ty much gi­ves it a­way. The c­hest muscles (pec­to­ral muscles) al­so con­tri­bu­te to shoul­der mo­vement. The pec­to­ral muscles at­tach to the shoul­der joint an­te­ri­or­ly (in the front), thus the pec­to­ral muscles are re­spon­si­ble for, and help sta­bi­li­se any mo­vement w­he­re the arm is e­le­va­ted in front of the bo­dy. To per­form t­his exe­r­ci­se:

1. Lie do­wn on your back with your knees bent and a weig­ht in e­ach hand. The palms of your hands should be fa­cing your feet and your el­bows should be bent at 90º.

2. Lift the weig­hts by pus­hing them up to the roof and keeping your palms fa­cing your feet.

3. Your hands should end rig­ht a­bo­ve your c­hest with the weig­hts al­most tou­ching one a­not­her.

4. Lo­wer your arms a­gain to the star­ting po­si­ti­on and re­pe­at the mo­ti­on.

5. As you bre­at­he out, push the weig­hts up and as you in­ha­le, lo­wer the weig­hts do­wn to your c­hest. Tip: I­de­al­ly, lo­we­ring the weig­ht should ta­ke a­bout twi­ce as long as rai­sing it.

Cau­ti­on: W­hen you are do­ne, do not drop the weig­hts next to you, as t­his could in­ju­re the ro­ta­tor cuff muscles in your shoul­ders.

Just twist your wris­ts so that the palms of your hands are fa­cing e­ach ot­her and pla­ce the weig­hts on top of your thighs.

W­hen both weig­hts are tou­ching your thighs, push your up­per tor­so up whi­le pres­sing the weig­hts on your thighs.

Va­ri­a­ti­ons: A va­ri­a­ti­on of t­his exe­r­ci­se is to per­form it with the palms of the hands fa­cing e­ach ot­her.

You can al­so per­form the exe­r­ci­se with the palms fa­cing e­ach ot­her and then twis­ting the wrist as you lift the dumb­bells so that at the top of the mo­vement the palms are fa­cing a­way from the bo­dy.

Star­ting po­si­ti­on. At max­i­mum ex­ten­si­on.

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