UCT School of Dan­ce to per­form for 2 nig­hts


Dan­ce lo­vers in Ge­or­ge are in for a tre­at. The well-kno­wn UCT School of Dan­ce, from Ca­pe Town will pre­sent a di­ver­se pro­gram­me of dan­ce at York High School on 28 and 29 Sep­tem­ber. T­his con­clu­des their short vi­sit to lo­cal schools w­he­re they ha­ve been of­fe­ring works­hops in cre­a­ti­ve and con­tem­po­ra­ry dan­ce. Their tour pro­gram­me is on­ce a­gain ma­de pos­si­ble through the friends­hip and ge­ne­rous part­ners­hip of the Ro­ta­ry Club of Ge­or­ge.

Dan­ce UCT 2017 will fe­a­tu­re ma­ny cho­re­o­grap­hers, in­clu­ding a­ward-win­ning Lin­dy Rai­zen­berg and new works by Lou­i­se Coet­zee, Alan Par­ker, Max­well Ra­ni and Li­sa Wil­son. The ran­ge of dan­ce sty­les in­clu­des clas­si­cal bal­let, hits from the mu­si­cals and po­pu­lar A­fro­fu­si­on works. Ar­tis­tic di­rec­tor for the show Jacki Job com­men­ted, “T­his y­e­ar I am par­ti­cu­lar­ly ex­ci­ted to pre­sent so­me of our se­ni­or stu­dents’ cho­re­o­graphic work. Their le­vel of ex­per­ti­se is so high - they need to be wi­der kno­wn and sup­por­ted”. The 15-mem­ber tour group include young dan­cers who are al­so stu­dying ma­ny re­la­ted fields such as Dan­ce Pe­da­go­gy, Aest­he­ti­cs and Dan­ce His­to­ries. “We’d lo­ve to of­fer e­ven mo­re dan­ce works­hops to schools in Mos­sel

Bay, Ge­or­ge and Knys­na in 2018, fun­ding per­mit­ting,” said an ex­ci­ted Bron­wyn Pro­bert, one of the se­ni­ors in t­his y­e­ar’s tour. In­te­rested te­a­chers should con­tact UCT School of Dan­ce to book t­his skills-ba­sed acti­vi­ty for their le­ar­ners.

Tic­kets cost R65 for a­dults and

R30 for c­hild­ren un­der 12. The per­for­man­ces run T­hurs­day 28 Sep­tem­ber at 19:30 and F­ri­day 29 Sep­tem­ber at 19:30. For all book­ings and/or dis­counts or tic­ket sa­les en­qui­ries, con­tact the Oak­hurst In­su­ran­ce Ge­or­ge Arts T­he­a­t­re on 044 874 3142.

Tic­kets will al­so be a­vai­la­ble at the door at York High School on the day of the per­for­man­ce. Pa­trons are en­coura­ged to col­lect and pay for all tic­kets 30 mi­nu­tes pri­or to the per­for­man­ce to a­void

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