De­lig­ht­ful ti­me spent at school con­cert


I've al­ways had a soft spot for school con­certs - as long as I didn't ha­ve to ta­ke part, that is - but it's been a num­ber of y­e­ars sin­ce I last at­ten­ded one. So it was with fond me­mo­ries and an­ti­ci­pa­ti­on that I took my se­at to wa­tch "It's Ti­me", the play pro­du­ced by Ho­ly Cross P­ri­ma­ry School t­his y­e­ar. I was not di­sap­poin­ted. It was a co­lour­ful dis­play of mu­sic and dan­ce, mixed with so­me hu­mour, and it was fun vi­si­ting va­ri­ous mo­ments in the (mos­t­ly re­cent) his­to­ry of mu­sic with grum­py Pro­fes­sor Potts, his blun­de­ring as­sis­tant I­van and his class of re­bel­li­ous le­ar­ners.

The pro­fes­sor is dri­ven by so­me unkno­wn ur­gen­cy to vi­sit mu­sic mo­ments in the past, and in­sis­ts on u­sing his in­ven­ti­on, a ti­me ma­chi­ne, that is not re­al­ly re­a­dy yet. I­ne­vi­ta­bly he ends up in con­fu­sing and fun­ny si­tu­a­ti­ons from which he is so­meti­mes sa­ved by his stu­dents, who couldn't re­sist trying out the ti­me ma­chi­ne them­sel­ves.

One won­ders why they bot­her, be­cau­se they start out e­choing Pink Floyd's mu­ti­nous

"We don't need no e­du­ca­ti­on...". A "du­el" be­t­ween Beet­ho­ven and the prof fol­lows - a pi­a­no du­et per­for­med with pa­na­che. The pro­fes­sor pro­ceeds on a se­ries of vi­sits to sta­ge mo­ments, joi­ning the Be­at­les, Beyon­cé, El­vis (P­res­ley, not Blue), the G­re­a­se cast, Mi­cha­el Jack­son and his zom­bies, the

S­pi­ce Gi­rls, and - last but not le­ast - a ta­lent com­pe­ti­ti­on w­he­re he, as a young man, bot­ches up com­ple­te­ly be­cau­se he had broug­ht the wrong sheet mu­sic. Two of his stu­dents wit­ness t­his and, re­a­li­sing that t­his is the cau­se of his con­stant grum­pi­ness, de­ci­de to stick their necks out and try to chan­ge his fa­te. The ti­me ma­chi­ne works rig­ht for on­ce and the gi­rls are a­ble to re­vi­sit the sa­me sce­ne, t­his ti­me seeing to it that the prof has the cor­rect sheet mu­sic. He gi­ves a bril­li­ant per­for­man­ce and is ackno­w­led­ged as a true ge­ni­us. Re­tur­ning to the pre­sent, e­ver­y­bo­dy can now look for­ward to a much ple­a­san­ter mu­sic class!

The ac­tors, mu­si­ci­ans and dan­ce groups wor­ked to­get­her very well and put up a de­lig­ht­ful show spi­ced with jo­kes on the the­me, "ti­me". In e­ach sce­ne a dif­fe­rent group of le­ar­ners sho­wed their steps, co­lour­ful­ly dres­sed ac­cor­ding to the ti­me they re­pre­sent. The choir ma­de two ap­pea­ran­ces, first with a Be­at­les med­ley and at the end with a med­ley of ti­me-the­med son­gs. Ta­len­ted le­ar­ners sho­wed off their pro­wess on the pi­a­no playing du­os, and an in­stru­men­tal en­sem­ble ac­com­pa­nied the dan­cers for a clas­si­cal dan­ce and a S­trauss Waltz. So­me of the sce­nes we­re al­so en­han­ced by the li­ve voi­ces of gi­rls from the Ho­ly Cross choir.

It's ti­me I start going to mo­re school con­certs. - Li­ry­ke Fer­rei­ra

Le­ar­ners trying out Pro­fes­sor Potts’s ti­me ma­chi­ne.

El­vis P­res­ley (play­ed by Gra­de 7 te­a­cher Le­on P­re­zens) with his cast.

Pro­fes­sor Potts and his blun­de­ring as­sis­tant I­van (left).

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